K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - B - Maid Ver. (Banpre...K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - B - Maid Ver. (Banpresto)


K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - B - Maid Ver. (Banpresto)





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02 days ago (2 days ago)XKatanaXKatana
1,500 yen bundle, Yui & Mugi @ mandarake - (ext link)
03 months ago (3 months ago)PineappleSkewerPineappleSkewer
I'm selling my Mugi, Yui, Mio and Ritsu as a set for $65 (shipping included) if anyone in the US is interested.
01 year agoastarte952astarte952
this year one of my friends will cosplay mugi at my Christmas Party and greet the People on the door, serve Food and drink and gave the presents.
01 year agoItsMugiTimeItsMugiTime
This figure is so kawaii. Waiting for mines to come home.
02 years agoastarte952astarte952
on ebay there are some to buy for 20€ sometimes more or less.
02 years agonotchristinenotchristine
i want herr
anyone know where to buy?
02 years agoastarte952astarte952
does the other maid version from them not all were the same under her dress?
04 years agoYakuriYakuri
Just don't look at what's under the skirt (because it's horrible).
04 years agoHoshi_AkariHoshi_Akari Honorary D-mailer
vhaysteI hope they'll release Azu-nyan and Mio versions too :) Actually they will: (mfc link) (mfc link)
04 years agovhaystevhayste
I hope they'll release Azu-nyan and Mio versions too :)

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