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Monogatari Series - Ononoki Yotsugi - PM Figure ...Monogatari Series - Ononoki Yotsugi - PM Figure (SEGA)





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11 year agomelancholyfoxmelancholyfox
Charly_Corr (1 year ago) #11413774For those who wondered... Nope! Still not Pantsu! u_u
(mfc link)

The anime promised this. I want some delivery!
31 year agoCharly_CorrCharly_Corr
For those who wondered... Nope! Still not Pantsu! u_u

(mfc link)
01 year agoairibanairiban
BIJ just shipped her yesterday, I'm hyped.
01 year ago (1 year ago)Charly_CorrCharly_Corr
In stock on Bij (ext link)

They already send me the invoice for 3830¥ (2040¥ for EMS Shipping to North America -_-)
01 year ago (1 year ago)WeeacvntWeeacvnt
I'm giving away my preorder on Big in Japan. :)

(I've never done this, so please tell me what to do)
01 year agoSarculumSarculum
Can I still preorder her somewhere? Amiami for example :0
01 year agoCharly_CorrCharly_Corr
Ordered! I hope this one has pantsu :/
11 year agoWeeacvntWeeacvnt
I didn't want to preorder her at first, but I fell in love with her colors...
01 year ago (1 year ago)aigisaigis kuso teitoku
where can she be ordered? it doesn't look like bij is carrying her anymore :/ nevermind! i logged in and she's showing up now haha

that being said, definitely ordering.
01 year ago (1 year ago)thanglongthanglong
Eisenfisch (1 year ago) #5706791Well now I really don't know which one of the prize figures to get :-(

here are two links comparing the prize figure companies (mfc link) and (mfc link) : sega and banpresto are usually the top ones
I have both taito (worst one) and banpresto (very good + bonus point for koyomi snowman) but the sega one seems the better (and the pose is more dynamic and perhaps she will have a real pantsu)

would love to have a scale one but...(next WF ?)

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