The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Gollum - Static Arts Mini (Square Enix)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Gollum - Static Arts Mini (Square Enix)
Scale & Dimensions
W=100mm (3.9in)  L=90mm (3.51in)  H=130mm (5.07in)
Release date
04/09/2016 As Standard
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Thought it was nendoroid.
1 year ago
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LazuliRGBlv15 Sailor Muteki
I wonder if SE would consider making figures of the Bishounen characters from LotR/The Hobbit. ^^
1 year ago
I was all like "Aww, how cute! I might just pick it up!" and then I saw the price. Yeah, no thanks! ;)
1 year ago
While everybody is shocked at his design, meanwhile I'm shocked at his price for that size and quality (look at the hair)!
1 year ago
Who would have thought that Gollum could look THAT cute ?

He is still a pitiful psychopath though ...
1 year ago
MarshallDTeach (1 year ago) #4615888Of course he was. As much as I love Japan they are like children when it comes to "mascot" characters. And Gollum is a mascot character because the movies have portrayed him as kooky (talking to himself, which he does in the book, but in a FAR LESS comedic fashion).
I was annoyed with Gollum's silly character portrayal and his rabid Donald Duck voice. Another example is the minions. yes. those annoying, painfully unfunny walking yellow pills. It boggles the mind that anyone other than children find the Minions outdated slapstick funny. Yet in Japan, they're huge.

Ahh yes I forget Japan's passion with Mascots and in creating them XD I do see your point and sure the movie interpretation of Gollum isn't for everyone compared to the literature version.
I don't mind Minions much where else it seems most people online loathe them, it is targeted for kids, and sure they are commercialized heavily Like Frozen another huge hit in Japan, but overall it's just harmless.Like you said mascot, cutesy (subjective I know) characters do get popular, the penguins from the animation film Madagascar got their own film too.
1 year ago
TaralenRGBlv23 Elf Hoarder
Leave Gollum-kun alone. :<
1 year ago
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