Gun X Sword - Van - 1/8 (Max Factory)Gun X Sword - Van - 1/8 (Max Factory)


Gun X Sword - Van - 1/8 (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Katou Taichi

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01 month ago (1 month ago)GTOunetGTOunet
Selling mine from Paris (France). I'm a collector since 15 years. Box & Figure are in very good condition : 59,90 €. Shipping cost:8.95 € (France), 16,50 € (European Union) and 36,10 € (US, Canada).
03 months agoore-samaore-sama
Still selling mine for 50€
04 months agoDeiusDeius
(ext link)
6000 jpy on manda
06 months agoerumoerumo
selling mine for 65€, pm me for more info, sales list (mfc link)
07 months agoJoSL5JoSL5
Selling mine from France (Metz), open but like new, 79 €, mp me =)
07 months ago (4 months ago)GTOunetGTOunet
01 year ago (3 months ago)ore-samaore-sama
Selling mine for 60€50€ sale #57047
01 year ago (1 year ago)kevinlowlkevinlowl
5750 yen (ext link)

7000 yen (ext link)

lol, glad I took the risk with that bootleg shop. They're probably clueless about the aftermarket price of legit figures.
01 year agokevinlowlkevinlowl
I went back to the shop today and he was still there, after two weeks, calling me, so I brought him home.

He must be the coolest figure ever produced. He's so awesome! :D
01 year agokevinlowlkevinlowl
I saw him in a shop selling for like 5710 yen. They sell mostly bootlegs but they placed a sticker on his box saying "original".

Should I get? Is he hard to find?

Soliloquy (1 year ago) #1839165He is a really cool figure, I got him in the mail today and all my friends were jealous :o
Where did you get him from?

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