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Touken Ranbu - Online - Tsurumaru Kuninaga - Oya...Touken Ranbu - Online - Tsurumaru Kuninaga - Oyatsu no Jikan desuyo! (Windflower)



  • Limited
    Wonder Festival 2...
    ¥9,000 convert into USD
Will be also available for mail order after winter wonfes, no international shipping.

Sales at Winter Wonder Festival will be determined through lottery.



© / Nitroplus / Windflower / Chikai

Comments (6)

01 year agoThe-HurricaneThe-Hurricane
Pfft, I ended up having to pay bloated prices on this kit, the mail order was sold out literally within 10 minutes from opening.
01 year agomilanchaosmilanchaos
So cute...It's hard for me to get this tsuru (ಥ_ಥ)
01 year agoalleniaallenia
This person is darn talented. Tsuru is adorable as fuck.
01 year agoKurohimeKurohime
Even I badly want this.. I can't T_T. perks of not having an artistic side.
01 year agoElfOfVirtueElfOfVirtue
Ahhh so cute!~ I want this. Yet another time I wish I lived in Japan :(
01 year agosarahjaynesarahjayne
I need this in my life now!!!


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