Ookami - Amaterasu - Issun - 1/4 - Exclusive (Fi...Ookami - Amaterasu - Issun - 1/4 - Exclusive (First 4 Figures)



  • Limited + Exclusive
Price: $384.99

Limited to 1350 pieces.

The flames spiraling from her Solar Reflector are lit with vibrant LED lighting.



© Capcom / Clover Studio / First 4 Figures / Kim Bangcola

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49 days ago (9 days ago)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I have one bit of disappointment with this statue that was a letdown for me. The LED feature is nowhere near as bright as most pictures make it seem. I imagine other owners of this statue already realized this by now. I didn't realize this earlier, but cameras have a default tendency to make light sources seem brighter than they actually are. You can check these pics I uploaded for reference.

Default Light Enhancement

Accurate Light Capture
014 days agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Mine arrived today. It is so awesome! I will post a review here in a few days. :D
025 days agokarolannafellowskarolannafellows
Anyone willing to trade this to me....??

In the USA here very serious
01 month agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Woohoo! I just got an email from F4F saying my waitlist order has changed to a live order. My precious wolf will ship out March 3rd! :D
01 month agoCarouselCarousel
I plan to cancel my order after this company pulled this stunt with its release date, but for anyone interested I just received this e-mail from F4F:

"We are excited to announce that this item has already finished production and is being prepared to start the journey to our warehouse.
According to our estimation, we believe it will start to release in March.

Please stay tuned for our email updates on the release date of your order as we have several shipments which may make the release date vary."
01 month agoYukihime94Yukihime94
I got the last invoice on the 23rd January, saying that Amaterasu is ready, and I paid it on the same day, but still I didn't get a shipping confirmation. I contacted them today. I'll never buy a figure from them again. =_=
02 months agoCaptainDuckCaptainDuck
Selling mine, I have it in hand at the moment and is ready to ship.
PM me if interested, thanks.
02 months agoXiao97Xiao97
This wait is killing me. I think the one thing I hate about this most is that I'm going to have a huge chunk of money just billed out of my account randomly, and I won't even know when that will be because they don't even know themselves.
02 months agodymitrdymitr
Revien (2 months ago) #17388720You do know that F4F is based out of the United Kingdom, with their factory in Hong Kong, right?

Seriously?! I was certain they were an american company.
There prices are always listed in dollars afterall...
12 months ago (2 months ago)RevienRevien
dymitr (2 months ago) #17357023It is probably because we are Europe based. It is no secret that the Colonies does not care much of The Homeland, that is why we are usually overlooked and don't often get LE ver. Etc. I'm receiving mine at the beginning of next month. And honestly I'm gratefull that F4F is catering to Europe at all,so much, that I'm willing to overlook the fact that despite the fact that I chose flexipay they are going to charge me the full amount.
I honestly wouldn't take this crap from Europe based company, but with the Colonies you just have to lower your standards. You can't expect the same kindof quality from these selfish megalomaniacs.

You do know that F4F is based out of the United Kingdom, with their factory in Hong Kong, right?

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