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  • Limited + Exclusive
    Pokemon Center (U...
  • Limited + Exclusive
    Pokemon Center (U...
Released for Pokemon's 20th anniversary.

US Pokemon Center orders started on 27th February 2016; many of those orders shipped in late February - early March 2016. Later orders started being fulfilled in July 2016. Shop page: [ext link ]

Price: $99.99



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961 year agoWaltZ015WaltZ015
2 Red Nendoroids and still no Pikachu?

511 year ago (1 year ago)Dbonn12Dbonn12
I'm really psyched for Charizard!
Congrats Charizard (Blastoise and Venasaur too) for getting the Nendoroid treatment!
Now if we could get more Nendoroids of the Kanto region trainers (Lance, Green, Blue, Erika, Sabrina...)...
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://trivex.net/pikapics/cartoon/big20.jpg
It's okay Pikachu. Maybe they will make you some kind of bonus with Red, or maybe make a Trainer Yellow Nendoroid, or even make a Nendoroid More: Pokemon edition. GSC and Nintendo can't leave you behind!

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01 month agonintemdonintemdo
Anybody selling this willing to ship to UK? With all text parts and starters included
03 months ago (2 months ago)PriyaPriya
Selling mine new in box, never opened, free shipping within the US for $90.
03 months agoSratedghoulSratedghoul
Selling mine in the US
Has been opened to look at.
Box damaged.
Offers welcome
03 months agoalluhamanalluhaman
selling red only with all his accessories, no box. 35$ + shipping
03 months agoTomoeTomoe neL killed my wallet
Selling mine for $80; located in CA, USA.
04 months ago (4 months ago)tsukiyukitsukiyuki
35 months agoAvolionAvolion
WaltZ015 (1 year ago) #60134592 Red Nendoroids and still no Pikachu?

Screw Pikachu, the starter Pokemons are way cooler and better in every area.
05 months agohatterinsanityhatterinsanity
Selling mine with all 3 pokemon, all pieces and original packaging! sale #112714
05 months ago (1 month ago)MagitrashMagitrash
05 months agoLilAtomicX10LilAtomicX10
Has anyone seen the bootleg version of this with the final forms? Its laughable that they're trying to make it look genuine. lol

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