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  • Limited + Exclusive
    Pokemon Center (U...
  • Limited + Exclusive
    Pokemon Center (U...
Released for Pokemon's 20th anniversary.

US Pokemon Center orders started on 27th February 2016; many of those orders shipped in late February - early March 2016. Later orders started being fulfilled in July 2016. Shop page: [ext link ]

Price: $99.99



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991 year agoWaltZ015WaltZ015
2 Red Nendoroids and still no Pikachu?

521 year ago (1 year ago)Dbonn12Dbonn12
I'm really psyched for Charizard!
Congrats Charizard (Blastoise and Venasaur too) for getting the Nendoroid treatment!
Now if we could get more Nendoroids of the Kanto region trainers (Lance, Green, Blue, Erika, Sabrina...)...
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://trivex.net/pikapics/cartoon/big20.jpg
It's okay Pikachu. Maybe they will make you some kind of bonus with Red, or maybe make a Trainer Yellow Nendoroid, or even make a Nendoroid More: Pokemon edition. GSC and Nintendo can't leave you behind!

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03 days agoPlasticSoapPlasticSoap
Hello! If anyone is selling just the Pokemon with their attacks send me a PM! Thanks! :D
09 days agotiffanyuchihatiffanyuchiha
Still available for $90 plus shipping. tiffanyuchiha (23 days ago) #23050011Selling mine! If anyone is interested please pm me
010 days agoOkarineOkarine
Looking to buy in the UK :)
023 days agotiffanyuchihatiffanyuchiha
Selling mine! If anyone is interested please pm me
01 month agospiritwarriorspiritwarrior
Are there any differences at all in the Red nendoroid between the championship and regular versions? Or are the only differences in the pokemon?
01 month agothorkastthorkast
could anyone tell me how much is the weight?????
01 month ago (1 month ago)TomoeTomoe neL killed my wallet
Getting pretty desperate to sell Red. I'm selling him for $65 before shipping. Please be aware that shipping internationally will be HIGH (~$20+). I will separate pokemon and Red himself to $20/each.
I ship from CA, USA.
02 months agoamy616amy616 Let's DANCE
Selling $80 BIB; all parts included. Can only ship to Canada.
Other Pokemon nendoroids also on sale, discounts if you buy bulk.
03 months agoNeoStormNeoStorm
pokemonman (3 months ago) #19873960Will you ship to Canada? I can ship to Canada, but it just depends on your location. PM me your zip code and I can check the shipping price.
03 months agopokemonmanpokemonman
NeoStorm (3 months ago) #19770541Selling mine new in box, never opened, shipping varies within US for $90. PM for details!

Will you ship to Canada?

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