Touhou Project - Kirisame Marisa - Nendoroid Pet...Touhou Project - Kirisame Marisa - Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company Team Shanghai Alice)



Sold as a set with Alice and Patchouli



© Good Smile Company / Team Shanghai Alice / JUN (E.V.) / Nendoron

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01 year agoSztikeSztike
2380 JPY [ext link ]
01 year agoXiaoXiao
Selling entire set for $35: sale #85756

Previously used when I bought it but no parts are missing that I know of. There's noticeable wear on the edges of the box. Can provide photos. PM me for S&H details.
02 years agoIzlude77714Izlude77714
Anyone selling just marisa?
03 years agoKotokoKotoko (ง•̀ᴗ•́)ง
Selling the set for $15 + shipping. Alice's stand is broken but all figures are in excellent condition. Please PM if interested.
03 years agoSztikeSztike
2480 JPY [ext link ]
06 years ago (6 years ago)TheLockedGirlTheLockedGirl
If anyone is looking for either Marisa or Alice from this set I won't mind getting rid of them as I only got it for Patchouli. :)

Please let me know! :D

I still have them both for sale as of August 23

Marisa is sold. I still have Alice.
06 years agoGoldenSaberGoldenSaber
NashMarisa in real life
06 years agoKawashiro-NitoriKawashiro-Nitori
NashMarisa in real life? Where?
Yeah, we wish. XD ...On second thought, no, Marisa in real life would be pretty scary. Especially with master spark.
06 years agoNashNash
Marisa in real life? Where?
06 years agoKawashiro-NitoriKawashiro-Nitori
Just received this set! I love it! I think it's an improvement from the first set! Marisa looks so much better in real life then she does in the pictures~

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