Kangoku Gakuen - Shiraki Meiko - Skytube - 1/6 (...Kangoku Gakuen - Shiraki Meiko - Skytube - 1/6 (Alphamax)

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501 year ago (9 months ago)KyderKyder
501 year ago (6 months ago)ronrironri
I just want Mari, is it too much to ask?


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02 months agoValkyriaValkyria
kemando (2 months ago) #18224839why isn't that the figure. >.>

It really should have been. That is what I would expect from a Skytube figure, not this PG-rated one that we got. I won't deny she looks great otherwise but it just doesn't live up to the Skytube name. It's disappointing when I consider what could have been. I may still pick her up later but I'm glad I didn't PO.
22 months agokemandokemando
FN80 (2 months ago) #18194768[ext link ]

why isn't that the figure. >.>
32 months agoFN80FN80
billybartley (2 months ago) #18149310You're right she looks great. I just gotta have those sweet nips :P

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12 months agoAzaizerAzaizer
billybartley (2 months ago) #18149310You're right she looks great. I just gotta have those sweet nips :P

I know that feeling. I have her and appreciate the figure but,...a Skytube figure of an ecchi character without the ecchi just leaves an unfulfilled void in your perverted soul =(
12 months agoSelvariaSelvaria
bumgorth (2 months ago) #18133266Trust me if you saw it you wouldnt even buy it hahaha. It looks like purple playdoh on her nipples not in a good way :P

:( Still a great figure I must say.
12 months agobillybartleybillybartley
You're right she looks great. I just gotta have those sweet nips :P

Azaizer (2 months ago) #18128111The figure itself is actually REALLY NICE! Beautiful sculpt work and paint apps! Her bun piece of hair is even attached via a magnet. If this figure came with extra cast off parts to reveal the breasts underneath and/or if the straps weren't glued to her nipples and/or her nipples stayed the size they were in the prototype....this figure would of NAILED IT! It fell a little short of the 10/10 mark though because of this. Still a really nice sexy figure to own though.

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