Fate/Grand Order - Gilgamesh - Figma #300 (Max F...Fate/Grand Order - Gilgamesh - Figma #300 (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Type Moon / Asai (APSY) Masaki

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1481 year ago (9 months ago)YanderechiiYanderechii
This figure showing up at Wonfest like
841 year agoDemitriaDemitria
.-." Where's my scale?

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01 hour ago (1 hour ago)crophecycrophecy
If anyone is interested, I'm selling a bare Gilgamesh (only in 3rd ascension form) for $36 plus shipping. PM me for details if you are interested. ^_^ Click here to see what's included: View spoilerHide spoilerIncludes everything in this picture (mfc link) except the sword and the stand. It will also include extra hands and wrist joint.

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01 month agoLex_LinnLex_Linn
InaJinkai (2 months ago) #20496281Yes and no, I mean inspite of the "old gold" you're talking about I think Bandai did a good job making it shiny, why? Speculation probably but Gil is all about flamboyance and flair. A shiny armor is his signature, shiny gold specifically. You could say that it's not canon anime wise because it actually is a hassle making gold armor shine all the time during animation(check saint seiya the Athena Arc, it has golden armors everywhere); on a side note this is an extraction from the game:
"He has a "perfect, Golden-proportioned body" described as emanating majesty that makes flames surrounding him afraid to come close, and his very soul glows golden. He normally wears golden armor that makes a heavy first impression on those he encounters."
He is often referred to as the "golden Archer" and the "golden-sparkling Servant," and Rider generally calls him "Goldie." He is similarly called Gold-glitter.
So do you think Bandai made a mistake making his armor shiny? I think his nature is to be tacky and look vulgar with all that gold. Imo I think it was a very good choice from Bandai to make it shiny and even light reflecting.

Sorries for long answer, I accidently deleted my mentions.
I get your point and it has all rights to exist bc well Bandai figure reflects that side of Gil perfectly.
Probably we just don't get mutual when things touch our impressions about Gil. For me his "being shiny" is also has to reflect he is old. Like freaking old. He can look like prince but in the end he was god. And old gold which is not that shiny as it used to be in start of his life reflects it.
Plus banal color issue, if I remember, his gold color has certain name which reflects era he lived nearby(but that's my own thing as artist). That was also my point.
But tbh gold is not even my biggest complain. My biggest complain abt Bandai Gil is face bc it reminds me old novel graphics (which are attractive only for true fans, no offence), meanwhile this version has decent mid-mid face resembling.
Yet I know why Bandai one can be better deal for many his fans.
01 month agonpcvnnpcvn
is it me or the arm seem to be loose. Like I can't even hold the sword up
01 month agootakurepublicotakurepublic
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21 month ago (1 month ago)monkrymonkry
I'm satisfied, he's so... GRAND! Packaging, accessories, anything (price too lol). Live up to his title (and IMHO, again, his price...)!

spoiler TL;DR: obligatory rant about armor color and Fate male servant figure's fate
View spoilerHide spoilerCan't lie the armor's color really makes me wonder tho. Why Max Factory decided on that color? Cost? Durability (because his DXF's gold color tend to... fading)? Surely proto's color is something, but I thought it would be at least like his nendoroid's armor color which, personally, I prefer rather than his present armor color. His Chibi Kyun Chara also has similar color with his nendo. For others his nendo's armor might be too pale maybe? No one complaining about the color in his page tho... Maybe because the price is standard so people's expectation doesn't skyrocket. There's also Chogokin, but considering chogokin released 3 years ago and STILL more expensive than this figma, it makes not wanting to imagine the price to reproduce something like that in present years -_-

But after last Wonfes only delivered one chibi Gil and (another) Archer's scale... FGO male servant figures' future seems really bleak... so as his fans, I'm really grateful he got a figma, and a very hansamu one at that ;v;)

Anyway enough about never-ending rant of his color armor and bleak fate of Fate male servant figures, does anyone got any interesting idea to to display both body? without buying another Gil yo (unless you wanna buy it for me ._.). I can only think of displaying it like a bust figure, maybe make a gold-looking box and put it above the box but... hmmmmmmhhh

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