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371 year agoRadianceRadiance
The long hunt for him in-game has made me so frustrated, it's almost like the bitterness and never-ending pain of constantly being betrayed by RNG is collected in these small, adorable figures so that he can continue mocking me even when I'm not playing.

And I'm still gonna buy him damnit
341 year agoPoisen-ParadisePoisen-Paradise
Though this is a really cool idea to do for the Touken Ranbu Nendoroids, im a bit disappointed they decided to do this now instead of waiting to complete all the other characters they have in mind to do. I'm still waiting for all of my (if they ever do get made) favorite characters to be announced. I feel as if they should've started this second outfit line, after they decided to finish all of the Touken Ranbu Characters.

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016 hours agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥4,980)

Brand New for ¥4,980
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019 hours agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥4,553)

Product page : [ext link ]
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 41 USD | 36 EUR | 54 CAD
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02 days agotiffanyuchihatiffanyuchiha
If anyone is selling him please pm me! ^-^
01 month ago (3 days ago)YokikanaYokikana
Selling mine for $30 plus shipping. US only, PM if interested!
12 months agoLehstLehst
MelodiousTragedy (2 months ago) #21535330It does comes with instructions though.
It's located here.
xD good to know. I have 2 co-de figures but never thought to look for the instructions. I still haven't gotten Mikazuki yet (._.) but now I know what to look for.
02 months agoMelodiousTragedyMelodiousTragedy
It does comes with instructions though.

It's located here.
22 months agosacchansacchan
Finally got this cutie today x3 There's a few things that bother me though...

- Firstly, there's the fact that he comes without any instructions for the bandana. I basically discovered the removable hair piece by accident as it slipped out when I tried to put the bandana on - I thought I had damaged him and had a mini heart attack lol. I imagine you could easily damage him if you don't know about it and push the bandana on too forcefully.
- The base. It doesn't fit in with any of my other Nendoroids' bases and the shape just doesn't make any sense to me. And seen as I currently don't plan on getting the regular Mikazuki Nendo, it's a bit of a bummer that it even sticks out among my other two Torabu Nendos.
- The foot peg. I personally don't have much against this one since it gets rid of the ugly stand-thingy that regular nendos have and it would be pretty much useless for a co-de anyway. It's just that the possibility of it breaking easily is quite unnerving.
- The 'worst' thing for me however is the packaging. Considering that he only cost like 10€ less than a regular Nendoroid and comes without any alt parts - other than the bandana and towel ofc - they could have at least put SOME efford into it. Maybe something like a 'mini' version of a regular Nendo box? I dunno. Maybe I'm just nitpicking. Anyway, that blister will fit right in with my 14€-amiibos.

That being said, I don't regret getting him at all. He still looks fantastic. But I highly doubt I'll be buying other co-des any time soon.
02 months agoKyokiPonKyokiPon
Lehst (2 months ago) #21489579Same, but not because I broke one. I like having the base arm so that the nendo doesn't have to actually be standing on top of the base plate. I like having their feet rest on the "floor". Darn co-de foot peg...

Well mine's foot peg is gone and he's just leaning on something
:'( I haven't gotten around to fix him.
02 months agoLehstLehst
KyokiPon (3 months ago) #21037175:( the foot peg is so inconvenient like I wish they did the same
thing they do with regular nendos.
Same, but not because I broke one. I like having the base arm so that the nendo doesn't have to actually be standing on top of the base plate. I like having their feet rest on the "floor". Darn co-de foot peg...

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