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Digimon Adventure - Lilimon - Tachikawa Mimi - G.E.M. (MegaHouse)

Digimon Adventure - Lilimon - Tachikawa Mimi - G.E.M. (MegaHouse)
Scale & Dimensions
H=150mm (5.85in)
Release date
12/22/2016 As Limited + Exclusive
24,430 hits • 209 comments31 likes



Pre-orders can be placed between the 29th July 2016 from 16:00JST to the 29th/30th September 2016 at 23:00JST via Megatrea, Premium Bandai and Toei Animation Online Shop.

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Memyandi |ω・)
This may be the wrong place to put it, but Mimi has always been a special character to me and is one of my favorite examples for Digimon's extremely clever character-writing, as she seemingly could be very easily misinterpreted but for some reason, that never happened. She's undoubtedly meant to be the "spoiled princess" stereotype and the very girly and a little bitchy girl compared to Sora, and even a little ignorant or cold towards some events of the show. But, as her theme "Sweet Innocence", her song "Because we can meet any time" and her crest "Sincerity" suggest, that is often just her being as honest as can be and speaking her mind without sugar-coating it, which is really relatable at some points (as she treasures returning home over saving the Digital World for a longer while than the others), and that "ignorance" or simply "just not caring /that/ much" of hers is just another way of expressing her thoughts, and this honesty and, well, purity of hers emphasizes her light-hearted, sweet and sympathetic nature, her heartfelt and loving actions, like a ray of sunshine lifting up everyone's mood in a heartbeat, despite her obvious flaws that just make her human.
Tbh, I was always quite surprised by the fact of how incredibly popular she is showed how well this was understood and accepted by the whole Fandom, even among very young viewers, just how easy it was to look behind her "spoiled princess" image.

And btt, I think MH's figures of her express this perfectly.
They both have her interacting with her Digimon in a very loving matter; she's actually cuddling with Palmon while wearing an either simply pretty face or one to express a tiny burst of emotion/embarrassment, "I know it's dumb but I can't help but laugh" or, alternatively, just a lot of love for Palmon. This figure has her in a more cheerful/playful or simply /happy/ way, while the sunflower literally symbolizes happiness but also her love for pretty things (and with that her girliness), which I kinda hilariously find mirrored in Lilimon as well, as we all remember that wonderful honest moment when Mimi openly said she doesn't think Palmon is pretty but Lilimon very much is. I feel like Mimi herself would approve of this figure.
1 year ago
Dbonn12 (1 year ago) #6909432Wonder what horrible excuse the licensor will use to screw over everyone outside the Asian countries.

That sunflower is very suggestive and Mimi is showing too much ankle. It just won't do.
1 year ago
Recent Comments
Selling her from EU, PM me if interested ^^
17 days ago
karolannafellows (7 months ago) #21114284Can you switched the faceplates and put her hat on from the previous Mimi?
Superlate reply, but nope sadly you can't. ): And I think the ponytail is in the way for using the hat with her.
23 days ago
Looking to buy.

Anime-Island fucked my order up.
4 months ago
Anyone selling her cheaply or trade this is new my "dad" thinks the figure is cute and he's never been interested in figures ever and I want to gift to him his birthday is July 21!!! Please

I am in the USA
5 months ago
Selling her.
Shipping within the EU, Germany preferred.
5 months ago
Are they going to release new versions of Sora, Joe and Koushiro next? Because I want to collect them all! I have Angemon, Angewomon, Lilimon and Garurumon. I already pre-ordered Greymon. Hope they release Birdramon, Ikakumon and Kabuterimon. Can't wait! I'm so excited for this anniversary figures. Please reply if you have any news regarding the last remaining 3 character figures.
6 months ago
Can you switched the faceplates and put her hat on from the previous Mimi?
7 months ago
I'm disappointed with this figure. It was so hard to get the sunflower between Mimis hands. Also the left hand of Lilimon is behind the sunflower. It looks like she is pointing at Mimis hair not at the sunflower -.-
8 months ago
It would have been neat if the sunflower stalk's pegs were on the bottom and top parts as on the box' instructions. Instead, they're both on the middle part, which makes it hard to connect the other two parts... I had difficulty getting the top part to connect due to the angle of the peg, and some paint transferred to Mimi's glove in the process.
8 months ago
Very kind, thank you! Radnar (9 months ago) #19045774I sent them an email a minute ago asking for information, and I included your concerns as well. Hopefully the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
9 months ago
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