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Orders can be placed between the 9th February 2017 from 15:00JST to the 31st March 2017 at 19:00JST via Native Store Online: [ext link ] (jp); [ext link ] (overseas)



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456 months agohughjazz44hughjazz44
0crybaby0 (6 months ago) #18177503Damn she looks amazing and her hair is so pretty ugh...too bad shes a cast off.

Since when is cast-off a BAD thing?

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06 days agobuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
Mine should arrive tomorrow or the next day, I can't handle the anticipation. (⊙ꇴ⊙)
16 days agoCommZedCommZed
Still waiting for mine to ship :(
07 days agoAzyxAzyx
Monthly Poll [July 2017]

1 of the 5 figure in the poll! 119 votes so far and the poll is ending on Monday, July 14, 2017 at 12:00 UTC time.
17 days agoOtakuReviewsOtakuReviews
Hey everyone! If you wanna see a review of this beautiful figure in 4K check it out here- [ext link ]
08 days agoEleanorLambEleanorLamb
Shipping from NY took a while. My parcel was 2 weeks in preparation, lul. But finally got her. She is small but stunning. Her vagina isn't detailed that much, hoped for more but her chest is really beautiful, all the little details and cats too. Waited for her so long, really happy to finally have her. It's better than this item #396962 but Progress still has room to get better.
08 days ago (8 days ago)NarcosisNarcosis
Makaizou (17 days ago) #24237370I had my pre-order with MH toyshop and now they shut down wtf!! do I do now???I can't believe it they went bust days before shipping Tabby-san. I couldn't care less about advance payment they required, it's just ultra annoying this happened for a limited run collector's figure. It's obvious obtaining her now will be near impossible, unless Native decides to do a re-run, which they barely ever did.

To be honest, I blame Native the most; they somehow don't ship to anywhere in the Europe, just a couple select countries. Not only they limit their potential customer base, it's just plain ignorant in our day and age.

I'm really pissed off right now.

That said, if anyone knows of any place, where I could still safely get her for a reasonable price, or has one for sale, don't hesitate to PM me.
017 days agobuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
Makaizou (17 days ago) #24237370I had my pre-order with MH toyshop and now they shut down wtf!! do I do now???Try emailing and if no response, call your credit card company and tell them about it.
017 days agoMakaizouMakaizou
I had my pre-order with MH toyshop and now they shut down wtf!! do I do now???
018 days agoPatchworkToxinPatchworkToxin
Got a shipping notification, looking forward to her. ^^
120 days agoCommZedCommZed
Play-Asia (6 months ago) #18271017Available for pre-order @ Play-Asia.com ($154.99)

ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♡ Happy February!
Use 2DLOVE17 on checkout for 5% OFF STOREWIDE including pre-orders!

Will you be shipping soon? I pre-ordered this figure from you months ago and paid upfront. Have yet to hear anything further since the original payment confirmation email.

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