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Taimanin Murasaki ~Kunoichi Kairai Dorei ni Otsu...Taimanin Murasaki ~Kunoichi Kairai Dorei ni Otsu~ - Igawa Sakura - 1/7 (Embrace Japan)

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AmiAmi: an Acrylic character plate
Getchu: a B5 Shitajiki



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#23945841 // Sponsored by Plamoya (MF...
02 days agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥11,100)

Brand New for ¥11,100
└ Carefully packed with ♥
#23891657 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
06 days agosulukungsulukung
Got her pretty cheap so cant really complain on the cons, but definitely not worth it if it isn't heavily discount
013 days agoFakkufun7Fakkufun7
Selling her in perfect condition, box unopened. Message me if interested.

Will offer free shipping to those in the US.
023 days agosulukungsulukung
maxlinkmax (2 months ago) #21395704

Does that means that clear suit body do not have gaps on the leg?
02 months agomaxlinkmaxmaxlinkmax
I didn't open mine until yesterday
as this is my waifu, i did my best to fix all the imperfect things i spotted.
everything is good except two things. i'll just write down my way of how i repaired mine.
okay here are the things:
1)the pegs on arms and legs are too loose for the original body.
solution: apply a thin layer of super glue onto the peg holes on the original body and sand the super glue to the thickness that fits the pegs better. don't do it on the pegs as the pegs are already a little too tight for the clear suit body.
2)the clear suit body's coating is kinda bad tbh. it seems like they rushed the paint job and instead of multiple thin layers of clear color coating they went one time heavy coating which results in bubbles and uneven coating.
solution: this is a more troublesome one to deal with. but you can sand the clear coating until it's smooth using like 1600 grid sandpaper and apply a thin layer of gloss coating on it. be careful when you are sanding the nips tho. you don't wanna sand the pink off. i had to sand the pink off since mines got some dusts stuck under the clear coating on her right nip.
03 months agootakurepublicotakurepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
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03 months agootakurepublicotakurepublic
In stock @ OtakuRepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
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#19746670 // Sponsored by GoodsRepubl...
04 months ago (4 months ago)Rejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Mine has a paint defect right in the middle back of the head. Fortunately it doesn't show since she's facing in front in the display. I don't find the gaps for the limbs obvious when they are tug all the way in.
04 months ago (4 months ago)deathangelsdeathangels
I've just recieved it, but I don't know how to put the skirt on, I'm affraid I break it if I stretch it too much. Did you guys put it from the back, from the side which is the thinest place and then adjust it, or from the top removing the head?

Edit: Finally did it from behind her.

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