Toradora! - Aisaka Taiga - 1/6 - The Last Episod...Toradora! - Aisaka Taiga - 1/6 - The Last Episode (Kotobukiya)


Toradora! - Aisaka Taiga - 1/6 - The Last Episode (Kotobukiya)




© Ascii Media Works / Kotobukiya / Takemiya Yuyuko / Yokoshima Shinpei

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010 days agopandidorapandidora
jennissimo (13 days ago) #2086432
Edit: Just noticed that on the box it says that the sculptor is Asakura, not Yokoshima Shinpei (or are those just different names for the same sculptor?).

Don't worry it's the same person. Few months ago this figure was listed as the only sculpt of Asakura but someone found out that's actually Yokoshima Shinpei.
013 days ago (12 days ago)jennissimojennissimo
Got mine yesterday from Nippon-Yasan without any problems.
She looks gorgeous!
Edit: Just noticed that on the box it says that the sculptor is Asakura, not Yokoshima Shinpei (or are those just different names for the same sculptor?). Does this have something to do with the fact that the one I bought is from the latest re-release?
028 days agoValkyriaValkyria
Just got her today from N-Y. Cute overload! So happy to finally add her to my collection! :)
01 month agoMissPolkaDotMissPolkaDot
Got her yesterday and omg she is cute as a button.
01 month agoEamxuEamxu
Hnnnnnnnnnng! Mine just arrived today and I am the happiest noodle! She's very very very pretty!
02 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
To me this version of Taiga has a lot of meaning as it is the one where she comes back after being absent for a year and Ryugi is so happy to see her.

its not that I have not wished to get the other versions of Taiga, but this one is the one I really wanted even before the re-release.

= )

02 months ago (2 months ago)pandidorapandidora
She arrived from NY without problems!
She looks much better in person!
I think she looks a bit better than the previous releases (I saw those in my local store). I feel like they've improved quailty especially on her hair and face. Her blush seems more significant and her hair seems to be a softer color and better shaded.
I'm very satisfied with her. I didn't expect her to be this good!
02 months ago (2 months ago)dymitrdymitr
Received mine yesterday from NY. I have yet to thouroughly expect her,but atleast the shippingbox shows no damage =3

EDIT: Good amount of bubblewrap and paperwrapping and the box is in perfect shape.
Taiga is undamaged and looking better than I could've hoped. I was worried about her head to torso ratio, but it doesn't look as weird as I had pictured. Though I'll prob display her below eye-height anyway.

Good buy, no regrets.
02 months agoMooshiPirpy14MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
I just got her! and from the 11 Taiga figures I own she is without a doubt in my top 3. The only issue I have with her is that frown, I will be making a review on her soon :)
02 months agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
SoulCake (2 months ago) #1971463Each to their own I suppose. Personally I prefer this one but hey,they're all great in their own way.

True well i prefer those since they look more true to the art

This one is a lil out of proportion.. For both anime visual novel light novel etc she doesnt resemble them yet i did want her lol but yeah x3

mF one looks like the light novel ver :D and miss contest ver anime x3
I got a lot of taigas so i can compare lol :3

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