Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu - Nagato Yuki - 1/...Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu - Nagato Yuki - 1/8 (Kyoto Animation)


Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu - Nagato Yuki - 1/8 (Kyoto Animation)



  • Exclusive
    ¥8,000 convert into USD
  • Exclusive
    ¥8,000 convert into USD
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© Kyoto Animation / Takaku & Takeshi

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02 months agobaebladebaeblade
looking to buy please pm me if you know where to buy :)
02 months agoTsukunTsukun
Finally got mine! It's astonishing and absolutely beautiful, I can't find other words. <3
03 months agoHobbyistHobbyist
Mandarake (Sahra) 16K JPY (ext link)
14 months agoRaichiuRaichiu
Jungle B condition 13k (ext link)
04 months agoRenaiCirculationRenaiCirculation
Looking to buy in Australia! PM if selling!
05 months agoKoneokoKoneoko
Anyone selling? Pls PM me! :3
08 months ago (8 months ago)lunachelunache
(ext link) ¥ 9,800; pedestal pillar part is missing, but she can stand without it :)
09 months agoEndiStringsEndiStrings
I'm desperately looking for this figure. Anybody selling?
010 months agoKlonKlon Solo Rei basta!
Selling her sale #70608. No box, but the figure is in excellent condition. Don't hesidate to ask for some photos if interested.
011 months ago (11 months ago)mnthundermnthunder
omgdoublerainbow (11 months ago) #2807178
Aaaannddddd bought. Thanks so much! :D

Just got mine the other day. Used all of my Rakuten bonus points on her so I got her for free :)

She is worth it though, absolutely beautiful.

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