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07 months agohare75hare75
Pre-owned item C box B for 1040JPY on amiami: [ext link ]

Contains paint transfer around the chest
08 months agoGhaoulGhaoul
Ayatsu (1 year ago) #2655342Anyone sells it for a decent price? PM me, thanks:).

Up on Mandarake (unopened) today for 2000 yen - [ext link ]
01 year agoAyatsuAyatsu
Anyone sells it for a decent price? PM me, thanks:).
05 years agoAytrialAytrial Token Mascot Character
Like kilani, I'm a bit disappointed with her.

The shading is no where near the quality shown on the production shots. Mine also came with some white paint on the back of her head. ;_;
05 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
man ; ; I am a bit disappointed with end quality. I know that they pump up official shot and make them look prettier but the shading/highlight is really so different.. I really wanted to collect this line but I'll pass in the end.
05 years ago (5 years ago)zszoroarkzszoroark
Edit: I think I will save up some more and get her in the future. Such an impressive figure
05 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
shes been released at HS, i hope to see a review soon.
05 years agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
This one looks fine, but what's the deal with Fate? She looks crappy....
15 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Not really, it's a scaled PVC that moves :P
05 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
price is ridiculous.

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