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642 years ago (1 year ago)Kanda_Im_mortalKanda_Im_mortal
Hi, MFC users, who marked Saw as "wished".

*read the comments below*
All I see here - many links where you can buy this figure for crazy money and tears-sighs about how expensive it is.

Why does not give a link to a special re-release GSC page as often? [ext link ]

And why do not we just write them with our requests for re-release?

Don't be lazy! So many people - more than 1000 (!!!) - want this gorgeous figure and don't want to write just a few lines?! Most of us spend hours sitting in the internet, typing just-for-just the words and lines more than is required for a request about re-release!

You want to increase the chances to get it for a reasonable price soon? So just go and do it!
You can use page above, tweet, tumblr posts [ext link ] or facebook [ext link ]
The main thing - your wish!


View spoilerHide spoilerPersistence pays off, the creators of figures listen to us as opposed to the government - for example:
View spoilerHide spoilerGSC has received enough requests for the re-release of this figure, and agreed to re-release it (despite the fact that the leading manufacturer is Max Factory, and they practically do not re-releases their scale figures!) [ext link ]
Manufacturer of Black★Gold Saw is GSC only, and they do re-releases often enough, but to achieve this - it's necessary to work a little!

You don't want to spend 20k+ yen? So don't be lazy to write a few lines for GSC about how you like this figure and wait for re-release!
This is not just a letter, GSC actually reads it and takes into account!


My request for example:
View spoilerHide spoilerHello, dear Good Smile Company!
I'm a fan of Black★Rock Shooter and figures collector. And I have long admired the wonderful figure Black★Gold Saw Anime Ver. 1/8 (which was released in 2011-06-28), but unfortunately, it was released a long time ago and now it's impossible to find at affordable price! Besides its selling very rare, it's a real holy grail now! It's really sad for me, since I just don't have the ability to pay such a large sum, but gladly would have bought it for that price, that you identified at release (actually I'll buy 2, because my friend want it too)!
I would really like to see it in my collection, it is very original, stylish and catches the eye. So I'm very, very, very much! - hope that you do re-release in the near future! And not only me, but also all those collectors who bought other figures from this line but can not get Saw, and just fans who like and want to buy her only!
Thanks in advance!

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#14316955 // Sponsored by Plamoya (MF...
24 days agoagentmozellagentmozell
You guys, its time to get excited! I sent GSC an email just now about possibly rereleasing this figure or any BRS figure and this was the reply I got:

"Thank you for your continued support of Good Smile Company products.

This is a response to your request. We appreciate your input. Products are considered for release/re-release when there is enough demand currently. However we cannot respond to queries about which products are currently being considered."

Do y'all think this means what I think it means? This she has the possibility for being released again along with other BRS figures??

It sucks cause I'm on payment plans for a few, but this is still good news if I'm reading this correctly! I think its time to email them about what we want now so they can see the demand is there.

[ext link ]
218 days agomurdochmurdoch
Ended up emailing GoodSmileCompany a re-release request, I sure hope they consider it.
025 days agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥26,910)

Brand New for ¥26,910
└ Carefully packed with ♥
Pre Owned for ¥17,650
└ Check product page for item condition.
#13764824 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
01 month ago (10 days ago)KELTHULASKELTHULAS
For Sale 185€+shipping in like new condition with box.
01 month ago (26 days ago)CaelumCaelum
Selling her for 180€ + shipping, she is in excellent condition, all parts included and nothing broken/damaged in any way! Please pm me for pictures :)
01 month ago (1 month ago)KinoKino
Selling her for USD 190. She's been displayed in a glass cabinet and kept away from sunlight and heat. Feel free to PM for details and shipping estimates.
02 months agolightningmaidlightningmaid
FateSaber (2 months ago) #11003669Still selling

How much are you selling her for?
02 months agoFateSaberFateSaber
FateSaber (3 months ago) #9654831Selling mine, figure in great condition but some minor damage to the box, ships from UK. PM if interested

Still selling

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