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The standard release with Noctis' default sword + another sword.



© Square Enix / Nomura Tetsuya

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175 months agoyunomiyunomi
His face is pretty disappointing... knowing PAK why do I even bother? Man I wish SE would stop being such a prick and actually allow other ACTUAL figure making companies to produce better quality figures for their popular franchise. Seriously, it's such a shame for a big franchise like Final Fantasy.

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01 day ago (1 day ago)MilurielMiluriel
Considering how much he is, he really should have looked like the prototype.
His face isn't ideal, but how did they fuck up his hair so badly?

I really wish Square Enix would just let someone else make some proper Final Fantasy figures... or at least put in a little more effort when they do it themselves.

(Doesn't mean I won't buy it, though -.-)
04 days agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥21,409)
direct link to the item - > [ext link ]
Shipped from Japan
Worldwide shipping
Official brand new item
#19139755 // Sponsored by Ninoma
05 days ago (2 days ago)stessiestessie
Selling, brand new and unopened. $125 + free shipping. US only - PM if interested.
023 days agoAdrienAgresteAdrienAgreste
tfw the exclusive one is actually cheaper lmao
i guess lots of non collectors wanted the UCE but not the figure
01 month agoMasterSoraMasterSora
To anyone that buys from the EU Square Enix Store, I need a huge favor in getting something there since they don't ship to US. PM me if you're willing to be my personal proxy.
21 month agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
finally got him!! I don't really like his paint job, but I can't have Prompto without Noct...
42 months agoSabrina_98Sabrina_98
His face painting looks so bad.. but I'll still buy one just so I can have all the chocobros on my desk. I wish SE would let Hot Toys make a Noctis figure instead...
12 months agoarisutanarisutan やれやれだぜ
his hair and face are the most important thing and the one thing they just couldnt get right huh
02 months agoNevanNevan
Selling. No box. Includes alternate hands and engine blade only. Handle has light paint rub due to posing. Figure is in great condition and only taken out of the box briefly. This is the genuine item. It is not a bootleg. Pictures available for proof. Pm me if interested.

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