Shining Wind - Houmei - 1/8 (Alter)Shining Wind - Houmei - 1/8 (Alter)


Shining Wind - Houmei - 1/8 (Alter)





© Alter / Shitoo Futatsu

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013 days agoElixirElixir
For sale: sale #59430
01 month agoshinhawkshinhawk
thanglong (1 month ago) #234753912960 JPY, sealed at jungle for this beauty
(ext link)

Curses, foiled again!
01 month agothanglongthanglong
12960 JPY, sealed at jungle for this beauty
(ext link)
02 months ago (2 months ago)OnHeavensWingsOnHeavensWings
She's up on Amiami A/B for 15980 JPY (ext link). I really want her but her price seems to have shot right up and that's way too pricey for me.
03 months agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
feels like I have had Houmei displayed wrong all the time since getting her, after looking through the photos here looks like I have her displayed properly now.

I love this figure,she's among my top favorites and is one I'll stop and look at from time to time.
03 months agoRyomaIchiRyomaIchi
Order her on Amiami pre-owned. Happy *o*
04 months agoAmyInWonderlandAmyInWonderland
(ext link)
12780 yen amiami preowned
06 months ago (6 months ago)alazif03alazif03
It was totally unexpected, I just bought the last new one at Discount Manga, In France, 50% off! I thought I would never get her. I can't find the words!
06 months ago (2 months ago)ore-samaore-sama
Selling mine with the box damaged for 90€. sale #48625
06 months ago (6 months ago)akachan03akachan03
I have a brand new one for sale. Please message me. Thank you.

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