K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/7 - Waitress Ver. (...K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/7 - Waitress Ver. (Max Factory)


K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/7 - Waitress Ver. (Max Factory)




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01 month ago (1 month ago)TakasugiTakasugi
Amiami A/B 9,980 JPY (ext link)
04 months agosillyker0niansillyker0nian
Anyone try to take her off of the base after it's been on it for a long time??? I've had her set-up since day one (i.e first day I got her from HLJ) and I'm wanting to box her up now. Any suggestions on this??

I feel bad since I was naive from just starting to collect and I set her on her base right after I got her.

Should I just not do it?? I've heard stories that this line is incredibly tight for the base and you can break it if you try to disassemble.......
34 months ago (4 months ago)ShotaQueenShotaQueen
This has been my favorite figure of my favorite character since before I started collecting, and I finally decided that I should scrounge the money up together to buy her for Christmas. Looking to get her in good condition for a reasonable price, so please message me if you're selling!
05 months ago (5 months ago)timel00pinboitimel00pinboi
If anyone wants to buy her here I found her on Mandarake doing some quick search lol. She's 8400yen and when I translated the japanese words it said that she's in a used condition so yeah. ( ext link )
05 months agoshinhawkshinhawk
Been having a run of bad luck with my figures. Tsumugi's finger which holds the omelette cracked while I was fixing on the plate. I had more difficulty fitting it on this time and it looks my patience got the better of me. I didn't expect her fingers to crack as if they were made of ABS or cold cast.
06 months agoAlatarAlatar
I'm selling mine, please PM if you're interested
06 months agomarchionessmarchioness
On AmiAmi
(A/B) 9980: (ext link)

(B/B) 7980: (ext link)
06 months ago (6 months ago)BloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
Lucky to find one on manda, no i hope they still have her :D!! yes, she is on my now :3 edit: absolutly gorgeous figure!!!!!!
06 months agokevinlowlkevinlowl
WatchJessieGo (6 months ago) #1775551Her box is quite large... D:
Ouh! Mandarake replied and said they made a mistake. She can indeed be shipped via SAL. :)
06 months agoWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
kevinlowl (6 months ago) #1772897Is she that large/heavy?
1/7 scale but can't be shipped via SAL? :s

Her box is quite large... D:

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