Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Blue-Eyes White Dragon...Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Good Smile Company)





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122 years agoGetterDragonGetterDragon
Effect:This powerful engine of destruction sends all credit cards to the graveyard
when it is summoned.

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018 days agoCaptainDuckCaptainDuck
Looking to buy this. PM me your price
02 months agoMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Shot in the dark and so sorry for the spam, but if anyone happens to have a heavily damaged one, or basically any flaw (stains or whatever) that really reduces the value, and you were unsure whether you could sell it with that at all, then hit me up! :) There's close to no damage that I wouldn't accept. I don't necessarily need a box, I take the risk of (more) damage from shipping if that's a decisive factor (maybe the reason you were hesitant to sell?). I've completely given up on either dragon for the prices they go for today so I think having them in whatever condition is better than not at all. :)

Same goes for the Red Eyes Black Dragon.
02 months agoLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
KuroiSaber (5 months ago) #18596805If only GSC made the Egyptian Gods like this...

That would be awesome!
45 months agoKuroiSaberKuroiSaber
If only GSC made the Egyptian Gods like this...
05 months agodarrenlkhdarrenlkh
It's only 200 ES made. So blue So white So rare!
05 months agoMonsterpointMonsterpoint
Jesus Christ, I want this
11 year agoAzaizerAzaizer
King_of_MFC (1 year ago) #10376477Had no money to buy. Now want to buy but it's not available. lol

That's THE STRUGGLE in the figure collecting game my friend!! You snooze you lose!! Unfortunately... I suggest making a post on Good Smile Company's page requesting a re-release. I heard if people post enough of them, then GSC will often deliver a re-release of the items!
01 year agoKing_of_MFCKing_of_MFC
Had no money to buy. Now want to buy but it's not available. lolAzaizer (1 year ago) #5189515I would LOOOOOOVVVEEEE to see a re-release of this when the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie comes out! I seriously doubt it but...would definitely put a pre-order in for it if they do!
01 year agoxjh7xjh7
01 year agoxjh7xjh7

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