Candy Apple Devil ROUAGE - 1/6 - Red ver. (Daiki...Candy Apple Devil ROUAGE - 1/6 - Red ver. (Daiki Kougyou, Diskvision)


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© Daiki Kougyou / Diskvision / D zou (diskvision)

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01 year agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
bliss (1 year ago) #1345983love everything except her face.

Same.. And the slobby paintjob..
01 year agoForeverzeroForeverzero
Was looking to get this one, can anyone confirm if her eyes are messed up? Looking at the photos they just seem a little off.
01 year agoblissbliss
love everything except her face.
03 years agoReinierReinier
OhnoRaptorsOn sale for 8,700yen at AmiAmi. (ext link)

Sold out now, she was pretty expensive too for a PVC that isnt cast off.
03 years agoOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
On sale for 8,700yen at AmiAmi. (ext link)
03 years agoOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
10000yen on Mandarake (ext link)
03 years ago (3 years ago)Lightness11Lightness11
Released today... 12440 JPY at Amiami (Figure: 10350, Shipping Fee: 2090 (registered SAL))
04 years ago (4 years ago)ReinierReinier
she cost 10,350 Yen ($125 USD) with an 18% discount on AmiAmi regular price is 12,800 Yen ($154 USD) though.

(ext link)

ill wait for her to get like a 50% discount or something, theres alot of people that wont buy it because they dont want nude figures in their house.
04 years agoCypherCypher
Way too expensive for a PVC.
04 years agoTGeniusTGenius
Hmm, after seeing this PVC version I gotta say I prefer the resin version. Either way its cool that they are making it, hopefully Choun will also get a PVC version.

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