Queen's Blade - Nyx - Excellent Model - 1/8 - P-...Queen's Blade - Nyx - Excellent Model - 1/8 - P-4 (MegaHouse)


Queen's Blade - Nyx - Excellent Model - 1/8 - P-4 (MegaHouse)




© Hobby Japan / MegaHouse / Kibayashi Norio

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013 days agorenegadebannerrenegadebanner
A warning for buyers of this figure

The paint on this figure is horrid and stains everything it touches. This includes the figure and anything else it touches. I have five figures that are stained because of this one. If you do want to keep it I suggest taking some regular plastic and creating a physical barrier between the figure and the dress and keeping it away from anything.
02 months agokuroshikikuroshiki
Selling mine. brand new sealed. pm me.
03 months ago (2 months ago)evanleeevanlee
ordered mine at amiami for 6000¥...
03 months agovyseoftheskiesvyseoftheskies
Daiyousei (3 months ago) #1891421¥5000 on Mandarake unopened (ext link)
Thanks, ordered!
03 months agoDaiyouseiDaiyousei
¥5000 on Mandarake unopened (ext link)
06 months ago (5 months ago)ffenrisffenris
AmiAmi B/B 5040yen : (ext link)
AmiAmi A/B 6280yen : (ext link)
010 months agoKillaxKillax
Yoyo (11 months ago) #1494861Lowered the price to €55.

Got it and it's a really nice figure :D
011 months agoYoyoYoyo
Yoyo (1 year ago) #1410133Edit: Lowered to € 60! Please let me know if you're interested :)

Lowered the price to €55.
01 year agoamaimonogatariamaimonogatari
found her on manda for 5k
(ext link)
I'd get her myself but I don't have the money ; w ;'
01 year agoReinierReinier
Got her today, shes very pretty.

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