To Heart 2 Another Days - Nanako - 4-Leaves - 1/...To Heart 2 Another Days - Nanako - 4-Leaves - 1/5 - Nekomimi Limited Black ver. (Kotobukiya)


To Heart 2 Another Days - Nanako - 4-Leaves - 1/5 - Nekomimi Limited Black ver. (Kotobukiya)



Store & Webshop Exclusive - limited to 1500 pieces



© Kotobukiya / Makio Munetoshi

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01 day agoJc21095Jc21095
So happy just got this brand new for $49.99 on eBay and it just arrived today
01 year agoShiroAkamikoShiroAkamiko
On sale @ our store - product page: (ext link)
01 year agoalazif03alazif03
For French collectors, her price decreased at FMJ Best Games: 79,90€
(ext link)
01 year ago (1 year ago)Shaolan-kunShaolan-kun
Mandarake Nakano ¥9000 Unopened: (ext link)
01 year ago (1 year ago)NemesisNemesis Unlimited Fetish Works
Got her today - unopened from Mandarake for a good price. I'm really happy I was able to find myself such a good deal! But damn, I totally underestimated her size. She's really big. The spot where I wanted to place her is too small, haha. Better should've read the dimensions entry here beforehand. Well, I'll work something out. Other than that she's really cute and I really like her~

€dit: Problem solved! ;D
01 year agoaeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Just saw this today in person and 1/5 scale looks so much bigger than in pictures.
01 year agoWildstarWildstar
Poyanyo (1 year ago) #1267725(ext link)
3,000 Opened/Box Minor Damaged
That's another character and figure, lol.
Although Nono's design seems heavily influenced by Nanako...
01 year agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
(ext link)

3,000 Opened/Box Minor Damaged
02 years agohikkyhikky
Selling mine. Black/blue-ish version. Send me a PM if you are interested!
02 years ago (2 years ago)StalkingStalking Loli hunter
Wildstar (2 years ago) #1120998I think it's this (ext link)

A shame I can't read japanese :<

■ ■ Limited Item © Kotobukiya SHOP: © 2007 Leaf / AQUAPLUS
■ Release Date: February 28/2009 (first), December 05, 2008 September / 2012 (minute scheduling) (resale)

So yes! She is being re-released!

Open Price: Retail Price
(Tax included) ¥ 10,290: Price (point rate: 5%)

I think I'll be getting her, I won't miss out again!


Q17 : For overseas shipment
A: Sorry, we are not accepted in the international shipping Kotobukiya WEBSHOP.

Oh ok, I will miss out I guess ):
I'll catch her on manda later...
(source (ext link) )

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