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Sold together with CB-EX Brothers Bond Luffy



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02 months agoHooydenHooyden
Sell him with luffy , je le vend avec luffy
03 months agokawaii_complexkawaii_complex
rivalappears (5 months ago) #6893807selling mine with luffy and sabo
Are you still selling them?
05 months ago (4 months ago)rivalappearsrivalappears
selling mine with luffy and sabo
010 months agoyuki-no-hanayuki-no-hana
get it ^^
11 year agomomomomo
Selling my set (Ace & Luffy) for $35. PM if interested :>
02 years agoTakasugiTakasugi
A/B 2,480 JPY [ext link ]
02 years agoblue_harlequinblue_harlequin
Looking to sell my set of all three brothers. Pm if interested.
03 years agotrc4evatrc4eva
Selling my set on ebay!

[ext link ]
03 years agofallen_shadowfallen_shadow
Even with his grim face he's sooo cute ^.^
04 years agoPinkFoxxPinkFoxx Ohara's Flower
Selling! Contact me for details :)

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