Gravity Daze 2 - Kitten - Dusty - Figma #336 - 2...Gravity Daze 2 - Kitten - Dusty - Figma #336 - 2.0 (Max Factory)



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© Max Factory / Sony Interactive Entertainment / Asai (APSY) Masaki / Koshinuma Shinji / Takahashi Naoya

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3311 months agoMizukithepandaMizukithepanda
Charly_Corr (11 months ago) #13120639Terrible news for who bought the expensive CE :(
Although this is the "Gravity Daze 2 Edition" but god! I don't see any f#@*ing difference with the CE version u_u

You know, I've been hearing this a lot since this was announced, but I don't consider it terrible news at all. I'm the one who stalked the Amazon page and purchased the special edition the very second it went live, and I don't feel upset or jilted at all. There are minor differences that make it a new version rather than a re-release and a new version means a chance for more accessories and faceplates. Of course, I'm also not the type to care whether people paid more or less for a figure than I did. The fact of the matter is that I paid what I was willing to pay for something I love, and now more people will have the opportunity to have that same character and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do.

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020 hours agoNinomaNinoma
Available for pre-order @ Ninoma
#22487591 // Sponsored by Ninoma
01 day agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan!
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#22452089 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
09 days agoihuatzinihuatzin
I may have to give her up so if anyone's looking for her please PM me if you are interested
she comes with the gsc exclusive
01 month agootakurepublicotakurepublic
Available on GoodsRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
[ext link ]
02 months agomhtoyshopmhtoyshop
Available for Pre Order @ ($64.99)
Product page - (ext link)
13 months agomikki-malumikki-malu
Funny how this release doesn't seem to influence the price of the limited ver. so far, it's still 10k. I thought the first one will get cheaper coz this one has more accessories.
13 months agoCharly_CorrCharly_Corr
CruelFairytale (3 months ago) #19198659Do you think she will rise in price after release?

it depends how many they make, and then comes the offer and demand. No need to be a "Saber" figure to be expensive. But i think is hard that the price turn insane after the release. Just keep an eye on her, this hobby hasn´t honor.

I already have the Ver. 1.0 but if the price of this Ver. 2.0 down, maybe i buy it.
03 months agoCruelFairytaleCruelFairytale
Good! Because I ordered Raven, but I'm still not sure about Cat....mikki-malu (3 months ago) #19198822It's no Saber so I'd say no, she won't.
03 months agomikki-malumikki-malu
CruelFairytale (3 months ago) #19198659Do you think she will rise in price after release?

It's no Saber so I'd say no, she won't.
03 months agoCruelFairytaleCruelFairytale
Do you think she will rise in price after release?

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