Akiba Soul

Gantz:O - Shimohira Reika - Hdge No.15 - X Shotg...Gantz:O - Shimohira Reika - Hdge No.15 - X Shotgun ver. (Union Creative International Ltd)





© Union Creative International Ltd / Hoshina Eimi / Ishizaki Saori

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02 days agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma
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09 days ago (6 days ago)sme3sme3
A/B - 16k [ext link ]
B/B - 12.8k [ext link ]
015 days agoSporkSpork
There are now counterfeits out there! Do be careful!
015 days agobakaidiotbakaidiot
Has anyone got both of them?
Can you switch the weapons around?
217 days agoSporkSpork
Do you think UC will attempt to make Anzu? Now that Reika is such a big hit? Granted Anzu is nowhere near as voluptuous as Reika, but has not prevented other manufacturers from making her before, right?

Or will they come up with a battle damaged Reika with her suit torn at different places? A lot harder to pull off and done properly for sure...Given this is UC, I wonder how they can pull that off if they were to try that route...
020 days ago (20 days ago)SporkSpork
I love how someone describes the paint app the best:

"The shading on the black suit creates an illusion that the latex base suit is stretching in places to hug all her curves."
021 days agoskmmskmm
Mandrake 17k
[ext link ]
324 days agoSporkSpork
The more I look at this version of Reika, the only I keep saying is - Exquisite, simply exquisite. The sculpt, the paint application are almost perfect. Wow and wow again! Can't stop staring at this until the katana version gets here...
029 days agoRyanHljRyanHlj
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