Space Channel 5 - Ulala - Figma (Max Factory)Space Channel 5 - Ulala - Figma (Max Factory)



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213 days agoLegendarySMarioLegendarySMario
This is a dream figure of mine. I really hope she comes with her guitar!

(I'll live if she doesn't... She's got her gun and mic anyway.)
01 month agoWhirloWhirlo
Not sure about the hair, but... that Morolian! Please don't be an exclusive...
41 month agoLestyLesty
Absolutely must have!
Ulala is the best and Space Channel 5 is my favourite game!
Thank you, Max Factory!!!
Right now I'm gonna UP-RIGHT-LEFT-DOWN-CHU-CHU-CHU!!!
01 month agoLunarAlpacaLunarAlpaca
01 month agoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
I sorta hope that's a pearlescent finish on her outfit, but she looks awesome either way :D
01 month agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I'm going to get this just because "Spaceport Introducing Ulala" is one of my all time favorite video game songs.
01 month agoLunarAlpacaLunarAlpaca
ive been playing sc5 for over 9 years now and im getting so impatient lol,, i hope they end up making pudding and evila too
12 months agokurokurokirakurokurokira
I literally can't wait for this, I hope we get to see a proto soon.
02 months agoBearbrianBearbrian
First 4 figures is doing a poll to gauge interest in a statue of ulala. Please check here to vote

[ext link ]
02 months agoSegaGirl5000SegaGirl5000
R_Kasahara (8 months ago) #13449837I... kind of lost my shit when I saw this announcement on the WHL4U site. Like hiyelo, I would've loved the original outfit, but the Part 2 one is fine as well.
Anyway, although this is very, very awesome and totally made my WonFes, I can't help begging for more Dreamcast-era Sega characters plz.

Hey, the great thing about both outfits is that they'd be easy to customize!
But yeah same. Hopefully she'll get a bonus morolian or something...

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