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Touken Ranbu - Online - Izuminokami Kanesada - Nendoroid #744 (Orange Rouge)

Touken Ranbu - Online - Izuminokami Kanesada - Nendoroid #744 (Orange Rouge)
Scale & Dimensions
H=100mm (3.9in)
Release date
09/13/2017 As Standard
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Selected Comments
It's just disappointing that after Jiji, Kogi, and Kashuu the rest of the Nendos have come with fewer to no accessories. There's other items from the game they could include, like troops, or they could add foods, damaged pieces, or extras arms/legs for posing/sitting in with them. Compared to all the stuff the Kancolle girls get the tkrb Nendos are kinda sad :/
7 months ago
The lack of accessories is appalling... :(
7 months ago
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Still looking for a Kane-san, preferrably in the US :(
2 days ago
Selling for $55 or bundle with Kunihiro for $100, both perfect condition with box from Australia (AUD)
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6 days ago
I managed to get him from N-Y earlier. I was going to skip him since he doesn't come with much, then I remembered how much I like him and his interactions with other characters.

Now I REALLY need a Mutsunokami to go with him.
12 days ago
I'm surprised his earrings are detachable. I wish they did the same for Kashuu tho
15 days ago
Maybe I got lucky, but I posed him quite easily? In his fighting pose, it's a little tricky and requires some patience but I recommend the following steps. Try not to force the parts in and instead gently wiggle them into place if you're having trouble.

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- Assemble without head/arms/accessories. Just put the cape and peg on first and work from there.

- I attached the scabbard first, followed by his right arm. This is also where you'll need to adjust the right side of his cap (unhook the back) to allow the scabbard to sit comfortably with his hand.

- Attach the other arm and then his sword. If you want his cape to have more effect, you can unhook the back part, but I didn't do this.

- Attach the peg to the base and pose him. I found the peg to be quite stiff and had trouble with his legs. After that you can attach the head. :)

I hope this helped some people who were having trouble posing him. (^_^)

22 days ago
Just got him and Horikawa today, both look great together, but Kanesada is horrible to get posed. You can't put his head on all the way without the long-hair peg coming out and his cape falling off
29 days ago
If anyone is interested in my AmiAmi preorder for him and/or Kunihiro, drop me a PM :)
1 month ago
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