Tonari no Ie no Annette-san - Annette (Hanahata ...Tonari no Ie no Annette-san - Annette (Hanahata to Bishoujo)

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© Hanahata to Bishoujo / Aoi Nagisa / Kobayashi Masaaki

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05 days agomaxlinkmaxmaxlinkmax
I WANT THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!
021 days agoandypandyandypandy
Hoping for an alternate face.
01 month agoyuriiyurii
Even though she's really shiny, it does kinda work? Lol
Will consider getting her
01 month agoR_DorothyR_Dorothy
Ooooh! I really, really didn't care for the figure and it's ridiculous amount of variants that were made in the past (especially because of how her breasts looked) but I LOVE this! The way her hair is styled is gorgeous as well... I'm very excited for this one!
01 month agoKnubbepwnKnubbepwn
ill buy 3
21 month agoCirqueNingyoCirqueNingyo
She's um..really shiny. I've been debating if I want to see my reflection in her tits or not.
01 month agokudokudo
Me likey!
21 month agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
They really oiled her up.
01 month agoCaptainMagicCaptainMagic
After seeing her painted, all I can say is "Yes, please."

Now I wish they did a Liliana of the same size to go along with this stunning beauty.
05 months agochiechiechiechie
wow! i think she is turning out great tbh, though it'll really depend on how well they do the paint job

hope she turns out as cute as the illustration! :)

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