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Secret figure of Nanoha Petit Set



© Good Smile Company / Ishii Yuu / Maruhige / Nendoron / Oono Takeo

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07 months ago (3 months ago)MaakieMaakie
I'm trading or selling this figure! Please PM me If you are interested in buying or trading! Sold!
01 year agoKinoKino
Selling the entire box for US$ 60. The box has been opened to check what the extra petit is, and lucky this box comes with two Nanoha!

PM for details and shipping fees :)
02 years agobrandymallorybrandymallory
Selling full set. Opened & displayed. $5 each plus shipping (deals for buying more than one or other items with it)
04 years agomyoutenshimyoutenshi
Selling this figure. PM if interested, I'm in Australia. :)
05 years ago (5 years ago)EllyElly
Selling mine! PM me for prices & pics! :)
06 years agoAnime123LoverAnime123Lover
i got this one at the first try.... lol
06 years agoSyaoranSyaoran
Out of all the petit boxes I've gotten this is the first box that hasn't contained all of the figures. I got every figure from this set except this one, Alicia. It is not that bad because it is a pretty ugly petit figure but for the sake of completion I wouldn't mind having her.

I got my box from AmiAmi. I have two Nanoha fight mode and two Suzuka extra.
06 years ago (6 years ago)Zetsubo-sanZetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do...
Why must Alicia always be blonde?

Including the girl that scorned Mai Waifu
06 years ago (6 years ago)DracnoreDracnore
Not really grasping why it matters, lol.

Though you can tell it's Alicia from a mile away. That smile, pft not Fate. Not to mention Fate never wears those clothes.
06 years agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
Honestly, I expected another Fate. You might be like 'well so what she looks just like Fate', but she is a different person in character, and that's what matters to me.

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