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07 months agoHachenHachen
Still can't get rid of this fuckin' thing XD Selling for $25. PM if interested. There's nothing wrong with the figure or box.
01 year agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
Got her the other day from a semi-local anime/comic shop. She's really cute :) A few small imperfections but I couldn't resist her face.
01 year agoeuler271euler271
maybe it's because all the people who wanted her already have her and the few that havent gotten one yet are waiting for a better price or a better figure of her.
01 year agoHachenHachen
Dracnore - Meh, she was an impulse buy and I'm not the biggest Nanoha fan. She's a perfectly fine figure though.
01 year ago (1 year ago)HachenHachen
01 year agoDracnoreDracnore
Why don't you want her?
02 years agoHachenHachen
02 years agoDemiSoulsDemiSouls
4200yen (ext link)
02 years ago (2 years ago)WildstarWildstar
¥3400 at HS (mfc link)
02 years agoHachenHachen
Still selling if anyone's interested.
02 years agoHachenHachen
I'm selling/trading her.
If you want to trade - send me offers even if they're not on my wishlist!
02 years ago (2 years ago)MoonyMoony
This on or the Alter one? Can anyone help me decide? :3
02 years agoSztikeSztike
Amiami 3550 JPY (ext link)
02 years agoeuler271euler271
Apparently this figure can't be beheaded, well the head can't be taken off, so no chance doing gatai with the kud, any idea?
02 years ago (2 years ago)euler271euler271
Dracnore...That body actually fits Fate pretty well.yeah, I know, lol
Edit: couldn't resist any longer, ordered!
02 years agoDracnoreDracnore
...That body actually fits Fate pretty well.
02 years ago (2 years ago)euler271euler271
look at this pic (mfc link), it says it's just fate's head into kud's body.
03 years ago (3 years ago)IamOyashiro-samaIamOyashiro-sama
I love my Fate, but her hand is really loose o.o Also I snapped Bardiche in half ;__;

When I took her outside for pictures, I lost her hand three times so I had to bring the hand back inside X'D
03 years agoHachenHachen
Fate was a total impulse buy for me, but in the end I'm glad I got her. I love the contrast between the casual clothes and the Bardiche axe!
03 years agohaitechanhaitechan
While I like the extra hair parts and a more realistic body for a little girl, I went with the Alter one because it was cheaper and had a cuter face. Now I'm in a bit of trouble because Alter's Nanoha is in her school uniform and I really don't like it xD.

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