Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Tsukino Usagi - Bed Cover Set - Bed Sheet - Pillow Case (Bandai)

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Size: Comforter Cover: Single Size 150 x 200cm / Pillow Cover: 43 x 63cm


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C2QueenRGBlv14 Maji Tenshi ❀
Just so anyone interested in this knows this is just a duvet/comforter COVER. So you need to buy a plain comforter to go inside of it. The side zips open to insert one. I found a good one at IKEA for it after closely looking at the product measurements to match the bedding. They actually had a decent selection of plain comforters to go inside of something like this. I didn't realize this was just a comforter cover when I ordered it (I should have read it better). I wasn't aware of the existence of just comforter covers so I was a bit surprised when it arrived and appeared to be similar to a bedsheet (but much nicer). Though this just being a cover makes the bedding much easier to wash when you can just remove the bedding cover and not have to wash an entire comforter. I love it! The quality is rather luxurious.

P.S. the cover/bedding is for twin bedding. Also it does not include a bed sheet, just a comforter cover and a smaller than standard pillow case. I'm still struggling to a find a good pillow to fit the case.
9 months ago
C2QueenRGBlv14 Maji Tenshi ❀
Ose_93 (1 year ago) #15441317Wait, this was a thing?
Oh well, looks like I'm too late. ;;

It's released on AmiAmi to buy now if you are interested.

Sold out again
10 months ago
C2QueenRGBlv14 Maji Tenshi ❀
Princess (11 months ago) #16099000I'm looking to buy this if anyone has any links to it.

Released on AmiAmi and available for purchase


Sold out now
10 months ago
I'm looking to buy this if anyone has any links to it.
11 months ago
Wait, this was a thing?

Oh well, looks like I'm too late. ;;
1 year ago
Where can I preorder this?
- Found one ;) NVM -

So happy they made this, I had dreamed of one since I was a little child and would look EBAY for one to no avail. 9 years old me would be so proud lol
1 year ago


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