Rosario + Vampire - Kurono Kurumu (SEGA)Rosario + Vampire - Kurono Kurumu (SEGA)



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01 year agoTelltale-SheriffTelltale-Sheriff
Snatched her off of amiami! Im so excited
02 years agoXKatanaXKatana
1,200 yen mandarake [ext link ]
04 years agoMooshiPirpy14MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
[ext link ]

She is selling alongside Moka
05 years agoFgrClctnFgrClctn
IMO, still the best representation of Kurumu there is to date. Something is lacking or overdone in all the other available figures of this character.
07 years agoGiliageGiliage
I actually found her when I went to Otakon last year for like 20 bucks by herself. :)
08 years agoxxangelchanxxxxangelchanxx
JenthehenWhere can I order this? >_>

She's harder to get if you just want her,if you buy her with Moka you can get her for 50$ at Ebay.
08 years agoJenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
Where can I order this? >_>


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