Shin Seiki Evangelion - Arael - Angel XX series ...Shin Seiki Evangelion - Arael - Angel XX series (Wave)


Shin Seiki Evangelion - Arael - Angel XX series (Wave)




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01 month agohatchetsforhandshatchetsforhands
Just got her item B off of Jungle for 2100 yen. :)
02 months agomidnightevemidnighteve
Any place still have her? :( Or is anyone selling?
02 months agogumonshoegumonshoe
amiami a/b what an awesome find
04 months agomekyumekyu
(ext link) (¥ 5,380)
04 months agoangardiaangardia
anyone selling?
08 months agonnf4ennf4e
i can get 1 of this beautys this week(last day the 10th), pm me.

i'd have to pay about 35€, so a bit more + shipping from spain to X and it will be yours.
010 months agoSztikeSztike
3980 JPY (ext link)
02 years agoazrastaazrasta
finally got it (from Mandarake, a couple of weeks ago).
It's smaller than I thought, but it looks amazing.
02 years agoazrastaazrasta
mine might arrive tomorrow...
02 years agoArkiokinArkiokin
There are still some here (with good price) : (ext link)

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