K-ON!! - Hirasawa Yui - SQ (Banpresto)K-ON!! - Hirasawa Yui - SQ (Banpresto)





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11 year ago7zh7zh
omfg shes almost as bad as the death note nendoroids
03 years agoSuperAlpacaSuperAlpaca
ahh I wanted to get her but seeing actual photo's by users makes me so sad Q _ Q why did they have to stuff her up so much? she would have been so adorable Q A Q
04 years agoLeo22334455Leo22334455
got her off manda and shes decent for the price I got her at but the prototype was WAAAYYY better then the final figure. actually maybe because they only showed the same one photo over and over again....
14 years agoSuzumiyamishSuzumiyamish
Selling mine. Comes with box and is in good condition. US only please. Looking to get about $30. PM with an offer or for a shipping quote.
14 years agoJamboreeJessJamboreeJess
After having her for around a year, some of the paint from her guitar rubbed off onto her shirt. It is very visible. Any good ideas how to safely get it off without taking the paint off of her shirt as well??
05 years agoChrono_ReviewsChrono_Reviews
i think this Yui is as cute as any Yui, Yui is always cute. i was surprised of it's size too, i expected something around 1/8 but it seem to be 1/7 or something
05 years agopinkbatpinkbat
Selling mine PM me:)
05 years agoBabi-chanBabi-chan
Selling mine!PM me for questions! =)
05 years agopinkbatpinkbat
I got mine at an anime convention and her eyes are perfectly fine, she's actually quite cute :D
05 years ago (5 years ago)KuramiikoKuramiiko
So a lot of people noticed her face looks a little odd, too?

I don't think it's that bad of a fault though, she looks cuter from above. n__n;

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