RWBY - Ruby Rose - Special Figure (FuRyu)RWBY - Ruby Rose - Special Figure (FuRyu)



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021 days agoinvadrgirinvadrgir
She's back up on Kozuguru for $34.94. Set to be released in October. [ext link ]
01 month agoArcesArces
Please PM me if you're selling! Thanks!
21 month agosquiddokiddosquiddokiddo
What are the odds the other girls will get similar prize figure treatment? Weiss would be a dream come true!
01 month agoLocohotcocoaLocohotcocoa
Please pm me if you are selling!
22 months agojzdavidjzdavid
got her on ebay auction for $10
02 months ago (2 months ago)xhiganbanaxhiganbana Chillyteets
Anime Jungle (US) got her in today for $30 :3
13 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Just got mine from HLJ. Furyu really is at the top when it comes to the quality of prize figures. I will try to have a review posted soon. :3
14 months agoSilvermoonSilvermoon
Love how her eyes are shiney, pays homage to her silver eye trait. Amazing quality for the price!
34 months agoSakuramoonSakuramoon
I ordered her from amiami when she was first posted and have been awaiting eagerly to receive her. Upon opening my mailbox I am greeted with a crushed shipping box with a hole in it. Luckily the ruby figure inside isn't damaged that I can see. Her box didn't fare very well though it is in the same condition crushed and has a big hole in one corner. I didn't buy her to sell her later, but since the box is completely destroyed her value has dropped alot. Luckily I got her registered so I can file an insurance claim with usps. I wish amiami would send me a replacement, but as seeing as the figure itself is fine I doubt that would happen.

I only bought her for $13, but her ebay price is close to $50. Since the USA only creates ugly figures of the RWBY team, I think these figures prices are going to go up even though they're only prize ones. It's kinda sad though a $14 prize figures looks 100% better then the $35 mcfarlane ones.
04 months agoMegaDrive96MegaDrive96
gettogaara (4 months ago) #18099558Someone who has the figure could probably answer better, but I guess it depends on how much of the 6.24 inches the base accounts for. At 5'2" Ruby should be about the same size as the teenage girl body Legends used for Kamala, Spider-Gwen, and others which is a little over 5.5 inches.
Crazy that it's taken 4 seasons to get a decent figure of the main character.
I hope she is in scale with figmas and legends figures like Kamala and the new Ultimate Peter Parker Spider-Man that came out a few months ago

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