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01 year agorockmanpetrockmanpet
Ended up finding an official box with 5 sealed Dissidia figures, opened them all and got 2 Squall, 2 Warriors of Light and a Zidane...lol
05 years agoVysceVysce
I'm not sure if mine is a bootleg or not... it still pays homage to the Warrior of Light if it is. It arrived with his arm broken off tho... :(

A little super glue makes it all better ehehe!
06 years agoTaralenTaralen Elf Hoarder
Anyone willing to sell this? * o *
06 years agoMasterOfSwordMasterOfSword
I want a real PVC figure, not a trading one.
I want a Warrior of Light PVC figure scale 1/8 in a cool pose by Koto or Alter TT_TT
06 years agoupaaupaa
Does anyone know is there a colour variation for this figure? I ordered a factory sealed container and got two of this figure. Both of them have different colour in that pointy thing on their helmets. One is blue and the other is turquoise.
06 years agoanarchyplatinumanarchyplatinum
Mine doesn't like to stay on his stand; he doesn't look like a bootleg, though...


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