Durarara!! - Orihara Izaya - ALTAiR - 1/8 (Alter...Durarara!! - Orihara Izaya - ALTAiR - 1/8 (Alter)


Durarara!! - Orihara Izaya - ALTAiR - 1/8 (Alter)


Can be displayed holding a switchblade or a phone.



© Alter / Ascii Media Works / Narita Ryougo / Numakura Toshiaki

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03 hours ago (1 hour ago)TakasugiTakasugi
B/B 7,580 JPY (ext link)
017 days agoSagaOtakuSagaOtaku
With the new season maybe they'll make Shinra :___: then I can complete my 3-way ship....
121 days agoxunkaraxunkara
Ahomine (24 days ago) #2055817Funny how so much people are trying to sell the Durarara!! figures now.

Yup, especially with the new season announced, they might do a re-release. Or maybe even design new figures all together. I can only hope.
024 days agoAhomineAhomine
Funny how so much people are trying to sell the Durarara!! figures now.
024 days agoNorthen_LightsNorthen_Lights
Mandarake 9,000yen (ext link)
028 days agosimakaisimakai
Selling him for 90$ + shipping and Paypal fees. Also selling Shizuo and Celty. PM for more info!
01 month agochapters0chapters0
new durarara anime coming :D!!!! cant waiitt
01 month ago (29 days ago)Northen_LightsNorthen_Lights
Mandarake 7000yen damaged (ext link)
01 month agoMorgiannaMorgianna
Looking for it! :D
01 month agotwo_handtwo_hand
i looooove it!

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