Jigoku Shoujo - Enma Ai - 1/8 (Alter)Jigoku Shoujo - Enma Ai - 1/8 (Alter)


Jigoku Shoujo - Enma Ai - 1/8 (Alter)




© Alter / Asano Yuuji

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019 hours agosougen24sougen24
just know about this enma ai is Alter.. o.o
and look at the price that time still 4800jpy, and it hurts to know her rising price now..
02 months ago (2 months ago)SpillaneSpillane
angardia (3 months ago) #1943894whats so special about her to make her cost 200$?

To put it simply, she's an Alter from 2008 with no re-release ever. Not only that but she is a very simple and nice figure from, what was said before, a moderately popular show with almost no figures attached to it. To me, she's easily in my top 3 and may even be my favorite figure. There's just something about her (probably because I spent the better part of a year and a half tracking her down for a reasonable price...)
02 months agoMilksMilks
There's one on Y!JA for 22,500 Yen, but she comes with no box- (ext link)
13 months agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow ありがとう うーさー (ノД`)・゜・
angardia (3 months ago) #1943894whats so special about her to make her cost 200$?
To build on what Akira said, it's weird: The show was never a top title but it did damn well. THREE full seasons, 2 manga spinoffs, a live action series, a theme cafe, and a decent amount of merchandise (hell, I have a Jigoku Shoujo watch) and yet in the figure department very, very little was done. This is easily the best one of Enma Ai.
03 months agoAkiraAkira
angardia (3 months ago) #1943894whats so special about her to make her cost 200$?

She is basically one of (If not the best) figure from this series. A series with almost no figures, so there's a little bit of a demand here.
03 months agoangardiaangardia
whats so special about her to make her cost 200$?
03 months agoMissingHolidayMissingHoliday
This figure is AMAZING! among my favorites despite the fact that is really old!
03 months agoMissingHolidayMissingHoliday
Finally mine <3
03 months agoPure-LiliumPure-Lilium にぱ〜
(ext link) 27k Re-sealed
04 months agoMarsiMarsi
i want her so badly T___T

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