Free! -Eternal Summer- - Hazuki Nagisa - ALTAiR ...Free! -Eternal Summer- - Hazuki Nagisa - ALTAiR - 1/8 (Alter, Hobby Stock)




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467 months agoCukyCuky
267 months ago (7 months ago)NoahGreenNoahGreen
Me right now

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419 days ago (19 days ago)weebweeb konichiwat
perhaps theyre gonna follow the previous figures and use these poses for nagisa and rei??
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222 days ago (22 days ago)weebweeb konichiwat
neL (3 months ago) #1869854750% Off is a Free! abridged series on YouTube [ext link ]i just wanted to say thank you so much for introducing me to 50% off...gangsta nagisa was life changing
125 days agodustbowldustbowl
still nothing :(
11 month agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi
I really want to try and add the tattoos to him that he has in 50% off but then that would also ruin the figure if it goes wrong -.-

I guess I'll wait to see what he looks like first
103 months ago (2 months ago)okami34okami34
I hope that he comes in a more dynamic pose than the previous Free! boys!(This is Nagisa we're talking about here!I also hope the same for Sosuke and Rei too, but there a slim chance that those two will get such poses.) DX
43 months agoneLneL on ice
dustbowl (3 months ago) #18698514What?
50% Off is a Free! abridged series on YouTube [ext link ]
03 months agodustbowldustbowl
swagmastah69 (3 months ago) #18654660Only reason I want him is because of 50% off

33 months agoswagmastah69swagmastah69
Only reason I want him is because of 50% off
34 months ago (4 months ago)okami34okami34
I want him too but I might wait until this version and the future Toy's Works version comes too. I want only one Nagisa figure and I want to be able to choose which one I like the most. :)
KuroHaru19 (7 months ago) #16013130Sunshine shota, I promise you I'll get you home to the gang. Thank you everyone who wrote so many e-mails to Hobby Stock and made this dream come true (which, let's admit, shouldn't have been even questioned but figure companies must still be less experienced with the female market. I almost pity them, how much money they lost by not milking so many great and hyped male characters before. Almost.)
I hope he comes in a cute and fun pose just like how Nagisa himself is!! : ) I cannot wait for this lovechild!!! I bet it will bring a smile to my face whenever I'll look at him!! : )
04 months agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bang Bang
dustbowl (4 months ago) #18316449I really enjoy the sound of the word killjoy actually, I just learned recently that word exists.

Ever thought someone would be calling you it? lol

I as well am psyched about this figure though, I feel like it would cause me to shoot off random expletives too. ahaha

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