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DRAMAtical Murder - Mink - Tori - Nendoroid #697 (Orange Rouge)

DRAMAtical Murder - Mink - Tori - Nendoroid #697 (Orange Rouge)
Scale & Dimensions
H=100mm (3.9in)
Release date
06/12/2017 As Standard
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Every Dmmd fan ever: "They're never going to release a figure of Mink, are they?" :'(

Orange Rouge:
11 months ago
They nailed him spot on out of all of the cast. He looks amazing!!! Love that they kept the ombré in his dreads and jacket. I would've like that noodle arm to have more muscle definition, but whatever. One of these three accessories need to happen:Tori/Huracan,the pipe, and his mortorcyle!!!

And since the main cast is complete, I do hope they'll continue the trend and make the rest, especially rhyme Ren, Sei, and Mizuki~
11 months ago
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Miaeka (8 months ago) #17981657Nobody wants you Mink get the fuck out
I swear to god if virus doesnt get a nendoroid now i will be forever salty

That was cruel :( I love Mink so much to the degree that I had kind of terrorized Kahotan and GSC in twitter to make them to create a Mink Nendoroid quick and I didn't even buy the other semes because my love is only for Mink :(
1 month ago
MelKeigoRGBlv19 ~Honey Fairy~
Took a while because life but got Mink's nendo this week and... I am accomplished lol it's just sad that my other DMMd nendos aren't here so he's alone BUT HE MADE IT, HE GOT A NENDO AND IT'S WONDERFUL i'm happy c:
1 month ago
In the bargain section of Hobby Search right now. He's only 3110 yen so get him asap!
2 months ago
Minzuki (4 months ago) #21463561Koujaku attempted to rape Aoba, Noiz kissed Aoba without his consent, and I feel like Clear could have just asked to have sex with him at any time without guilt tripping him to do it.Then of course Virus and Trip rape him.
My point is evey characters has done some questionable behavior at one point.I just really hate how most of the fandom like to hate on Mink and Mink fans and act like every other character is a perfect angle.Some even go so far as to deffend other characters raping Aoba but hate Mink for raping him.You can't say that it's terrible for one character to rape someone and then try to justify it one a different character does the same thing.
I don't want to get into any arguments,I know this is a really touchy subject amoung the fandom wich is why I usually don't say anything at all this is just my opion on the matter.

Oh i didn't mean any of this to sound argumentative. I was agreeing that Mink gets a lot of hate and that there is more to his character than people seem to care about. I just didn't agree with the statement about the other characters raping him, or guilting into it him and what not. And I mean just the main guys in the their good routes, so excluding Virus and Trip. I did agree that Koujaku forces himself on Aoba but it doesn't go anywhere, he stops himself, so I find using "rape" a bit harsh for this. And who knows maybe Clear was just waiting or they just hadn't gotten to that point in their relationship yet, and this was the only chance he had left. Also I feel like Aoba would have had sex with him regardless of whether he was dying or not. And with Noiz it was just a kiss, yes it didn't have consent, but then it led to a consensual scene in the end. And hell no none of the characters are innocent!! They didn't got to the extent of what Mink did, but none of them are angels, and whoever says so is delusional. But their actions are on a different level than Mink's, although Mink had a reason for everything he did. In the end I agree with you about Mink getting the short end of the stick and the other characters not being held accountable. I was just disagreeing on the severity of your accusations. But I did not mean to make you think I was starting an argument! Not at all, I just like have discussions about these kinds of things. And I like seeing other people's opinions. So I am sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I just wanted to open a discussion.
2 months ago
Amazon.co.jp have him for ¥3513(without tax) & they ship internationally as well
2 months ago
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