DRAMAtical Murder - Mink - Tori - Nendoroid #697...DRAMAtical Murder - Mink - Tori - Nendoroid #697 (Orange Rouge)





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657 months ago (7 months ago)murdochmurdoch
Every Dmmd fan ever: "They're never going to release a figure of Mink, are they?" :'(

Orange Rouge:
337 months agoronnibun41ronnibun41
They nailed him spot on out of all of the cast. He looks amazing!!! Love that they kept the ombré in his dreads and jacket. I would've like that noodle arm to have more muscle definition, but whatever. One of these three accessories need to happen:Tori/Huracan,the pipe, and his mortorcyle!!!

And since the main cast is complete, I do hope they'll continue the trend and make the rest, especially rhyme Ren, Sei, and Mizuki~

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022 hours agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
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23 days agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
Right so I finally have time to unbox today and he's awesome!! Everything fits nicely except for Aoba's fp OTL Apart from that, Mink has some real nice details :D Now, announce the rest of the DMMd boys GSC, please~~
05 days agoxxSokuxxxxSokuxx
He's beautiful! !!!!! And fits right in with his fiance and the rest of the boyfriends!! ♡♡♡♡
06 days agoNinomaNinoma
Available for pre-order @ Ninoma
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06 days agoDreamDaze000DreamDaze000
M'trash arrived.
Lovely figure and a nice amount of accessories!
011 days agoLehstLehst
*squeals* yay~! I just got him paid off. (ノ^∇^) He'll ship later this month but I'm still so happy! DMMd <3
519 days agominkuminku
I'm so excited!!! Cant wait for my bf to come home ~
Also i'm super glad they gave him the pastel pink box ;;; After giving the clear nendo a grey box instead of yellow, I was worried they wouldnt give Mink his signature color either. Glad they did :>
120 days agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
I can't wait for Mink to come home~♡
125 days agoxxSokuxxxxSokuxx
Ahhhhhh, my boy is almost here! I just got my receipt from Goodsmile. I'M SO READY. ♡
025 days agohoshikawaakarihoshikawaakari
Looking to give up my PO of him on amiami. Im also considering selling the rest of my Dmmd nendoroids. Pm for details

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