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*No Nendoroid expression parts are included with this product.
*Certain face plates may not fit into the parts case depending on the character design.



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298 months ago (8 months ago)purinbunpurinbun
It's cute but..

Why isn't it a crow? WHy
148 months agoAkiraAkira
purinbun (8 months ago) #15921043It's cute but..
Why isn't it a crow? WHy

I.. fail to see how they could have adapted this into a crow costume, when its a bear and all.

I guess they just went the easy and laziest way about it. Just slapt the colours of the team and call it a day

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03 days agoNinomaNinoma
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04 months ago (3 months ago)applepi5applepi5 yorozuyawinchan~
looking for someone to take over my po with amiami! pm :)
05 months ago (5 months ago)letheralletheral
that big bear model from wonfes is salt in the wound. clearly they're capable of making diverse cases but were unwilling to either wait to make the cases and miss bundling them with new releases or were unwilling to make those new sculpts a priority.
clearly an after thought. hope they redo them eventually.
that being said I did get one for each of my karasuno nendos so clearly gsc has my wallet none the less
08 months agoRyanHljRyanHlj
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08 months agoSaurysSaurys
I want a Seijoh one because of the colors. *^*
18 months agoGalaxiaGalaxia
Hosting a US based group order! (mfc link)
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58 months agopurinbunpurinbun
Akira (8 months ago) #15924532I flipped for a sec bc I didnt know of the penguin but then I realized it's literally only a draft than actual anything.
So while they do have it planned for the future, the actual bird wasn't made yet. Again, I don't know how they could go about a crow, since animals with ears are easier to make for these than a bird (that doesn't have ears and seems to depend more on a beak and body shape. You see the "problem" there with making a bird one).
Soo idk. I do think is hella lazy from them but what can you do when apparently they havent solved the riddle yet with how making a bird costume that works.
The penguin is already modelled, unlike this one which is only an illustration.

They could make the wings outwards from the body or/with a (completely) different mold like penguin one already is. I still do think a crow is doable, there's nothing that can restrict them unless they want them all to have a shape of a bear which it seem to be atm since only non mammal one is a penguin we have yet to see. :> I get that they probably want an uniform look but if oher schools get a non bear case, it will be a missed opportunity.

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