Yuri!!! on Ice - Victor Nikiforov - G.E.M. - 1/8...Yuri!!! on Ice - Victor Nikiforov - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)



Premium Bandai and Megatrea Shop Bonus
- Makkachin picture #1749362

Orders via Megatrea, Premium Bandai, Animate and AmiAmi can be placed between the 28th April 2017 from 13:00JST to the 12th June 2017.



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1775 months agoneLneL on ice
Don't fuck this up MegaHouse
995 months agorivalappearsrivalappears
Lien (5 months ago) #16362636Now where is Yuuri? Can't just have one they come in a pair

Yeah I was sort of hoping for a dynamic figure of the two of them from Alter, like the Makoto and Haru Free! Starting Days one they just did.

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05 minutes agoimacatloverimacatlover
Victor's face reminds me of his episode one face when he won another medal. He smiles but it looks like it doesn't reach his eyes. Maybe I'm just too much in love with his dopey smiles. Not going to buy, I guess :/
011 minutes agoNika_PNika_P
This color scheme, that hair (where you can actually see the gap between the hair and the head), that square (not in a good way) ass, tons of missed details (like the tiny flag) - this figure looks like a prize one and should be sold for 3k max.

Very disappointing.
21 hour ago (1 hour ago)MilurielMiluriel
I'm passing on this. I can't even really believe it, because I was so ready to just buy the first Yuri and Victor statue they gave us.
But for this prize, that's just not good enough. They don't even show his base, so it's probably just some plastic disc. The pose is nice, but nothing special. And of course this terrible shirt.
Yeah. Nope. There will be others.

Edit: Also I'm pretty sure if they gave me a day I could sculpt a better Makachin, and why is he the size of a teddy bear? How much did they rush this whole thing?
43 hours agorozellerozelle
His expression and face is beautiful but I wish his outfit had a different colour scheme... Felt rushed. :(
24 hours agofionnanokofionnanoko
I've had my eye on this since WonFes and was quietly hopeful, bearing in mind I'm not a big fan of MegaHouse. But this is just so... meh? The sculpt is good and I don't have a problem with the plain costume, but ¥10,000+ for this quality is insane!!! I'll be holding out for Kotobukiya or Alter to show their hand.
45 hours agoMykaMyka
The king has taken his rightful place!

16 hours ago (5 hours ago)MykaMyka
He's up at Nippon-Yasan. [ext link ]

With Makkachin - [ext link ]

amthetruehero (13 hours ago) #20462113its not there no more but,i was trying to preorder it but it said on sale soon at 4/28 13:00 time( which is 1 am) it would be on sale but now u can preorder so i dunno ;/
That was probably just the POs opening countdown then. I got confused with the time zone as well (thought it was an hour earlier XD).
16 hours agoMiaekaMiaeka
I'm not into this anime so I don't mind, but seeing how thicc and beautiful and full of hype he was before he was painted and now... I'm sorry guys I know your pain lol
37 hours agoXShipperXShipper
Well, I like his face. But what bothers me is the painting quality :/ his shirt and hair have too many little flaws. I just can't assume this price due to such bad painting...
08 hours agoAoi-sanAoi-san
xnatsux (20 hours ago) #20452435They said to me:
"For request regarding the Free! series, please contact HOBBY STOCK company.

Commodification of Yuri on ice is undecided.
I'll forward your request to our product planner."
Here to ask them on mail: support@alter-web.jp
Thanks to do it, i did a few months ago haha not the first mail.... xD

Thank you!! I´m mailing them now as well xD

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