Stranja: Mukou Hadan - Nanashi - 1/8 (Square Eni...Stranja: Mukou Hadan - Nanashi - 1/8 (Square Enix)



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04 years agogaugebeargaugebear
I have a set of these for sale NIB, real offers only.
05 years agoTaralenTaralen Elf Hoarder
Oh god they have a figure of Nanashi? I LOVE NANASHI. *adds* Someday...
06 years agoMoroMoro
I wish there were more pictures. I think I'd like this figure, but there aren't any very good shots of the face and without knowing for sure if the face is good, that's a lot of money to drop.
06 years agoatomatom
Have one for sale. :) PM serious offers.


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