Card Captor Sakura - Star Wand and Sakura Card (Takara Tomy)

Card Captor Sakura - Star Wand and Sakura Card (Takara Tomy)
Scale & Dimensions
L=500mm (19.5in)
Release date
04/01/2017 As Standard
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Uses triple A (AAA) batteries (sold separately)
Comes with 5 Sakura Cards

Comments26 comments

Miyuumi (5 months ago) #20507333Does anyone have a problem with their The Hope card? Mine has extra lines on the front of the card, the sun on the left. The sun has extra two lines protruding out where it shouldn't be. I'm wondering if it is a printing error just on my card or if it was like that for everyone...
Very late with this response, but yeah, it's exactly like that on mine too, lol... Pretty annoying
2 days ago
Anyone selling very cheaply please pm me thanks!

Super serious if so or trade

USA here
14 days ago
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
Alright, Takara Tomy has done their job. Your call, Bandai Proplica? Hopefully one with hidden battery compartment and a spinning feature just like the first star wand. The RFID feature is not obligatory.
3 months ago
I'm selling the Nothing Card if anyone is interested pm me :).
4 months ago
I got the wand today is absolute amazing! A must have !!!
4 months ago
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
I wish there was an option (a hidden button, maybe?) to make Sakura's voice sound like this. XD
After all, this says the same phrases as the Sealing Wand. :/
5 months ago
snow_hime (5 months ago) #20877378Can anyone tell me how much is shipping cost to Europe?

Mine was from AmiAmi - 3850 yen to UK. But then customs caught it and charged me £20 BS because its from Japan. AmiAmi used SAL Parcel, came in quite a big box. But the wand is beautiful ;)
5 months ago
Can anyone tell me how much is shipping cost to Europe?
5 months ago
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