Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - SRDXD - Special Miyaza...Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - SRDXD - Special Miyazawa Limited ver. (Yujin)





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01 year agoCruelFairytaleCruelFairytale
If someone see her or sell her, please pm me *_*
01 year agoRieszRiesz
I bought her on AmiAmi A/B for 1980 yen and she just arrived. She's much bigger than I expected and she actually looks really really cute... ^_^
02 years agonuriko12nuriko12
looking for this somewhere ):
04 years agoMoonyMoony
04 years agogksilkaminagksilkamina By the Power of Gitaroo
For a Yujin product this doesn't look that bad
04 years agoAmethystDreamAmethystDream
LazulizUploaded some pictures :3
Thanks :3 !
04 years agoLazulizLazuliz
Uploaded some pictures :3
05 years agoMerleaweMerleawe
OhnoRaptorsWould love to see some user shots of this. ("Owned By: 1 User"). Dx

Same =3
05 years agoOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
Would love to see some user shots of this. ("Owned By: 1 User"). Dx

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