Street Fighter V - Chun-Li - 1/12 (Storm Collect...Street Fighter V - Chun-Li - 1/12 (Storm Collectibles)




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010 hours agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
Well, I'm not sure why the knees look a bit disjointed in certain poses, but overall they look decent.

Only other thing of possible concern is the torso range of motion. Not sure what's under that abdomen soft piece there. Ball-joint T-bar?

Everything else looks GREAT. All the poses look really good. Though accessory-wise, was hoping she'd get an extra face plate or some yatta hands (I guess those are not SFV though).

With the far superior face, this is already better than SHF for me, now this is a must-buy.

Can't WAIT to see who Storm makes next.
013 days agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
Uggggg, full reveal can't come soon enough.

What are some Japanese/HK/Chinese toy shows coming up??
214 days agoAll-mighty-rasenAll-mighty-rasen
finally,i need this
014 days ago (14 days ago)goliathfasagoliathfasa
JUST received my Figuarts Chun, still not done playing with her... and now this.

I guess I'm ALL IN on TWO lines now...

That face sculpt... about 100x better than Figuarts, and actually looks like the in-game model. Hope the rest lives up to the standards set by Storm's Ryu.
02 months agoAll-mighty-rasenAll-mighty-rasen
I hope she looks better than ryu
14 months agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
VERY interested in seeing Storm tackle their first (announced) female figure.

Their males have been absolutely awesome so far, so here's keeping fingers crossed.
44 months ago (4 months ago)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Soon, thick thigh waifu. SOOOOOOON!!!!!! ♡ε♡


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