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© Capcom / Kotobukiya / Yamashita Shunya

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232 months ago (2 months ago)NamiBiscuitsNamiBiscuits
If the finished statue even remotely resembles Shunya's illustration then it could well turn out to be the greatest Bishoujo ever. I live in hope. #Demthighs

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18 days agominorimiyukiminorimiyuki
My religion is thigh so I'm pretty confident that Koto will not screw this up.
01 month agoAlexAlex
21 month agoSpirit_BombSpirit_Bomb
Juicy Thighs.
62 months agoKyleCrossKyleCross
Please, let the sculpt do her thighs justice. Big and defined, just like the art.
52 months agoNeevesterNeevester Neverender
Yay! I missed the last Chun Li Bishoujo and much prefer this outfit and pose to it. Hopefully, she gets good treatment and the art translates as closely as possible.
22 months agoTerrenceTerrence Let's start from zero
I could probably die happy if I could rest on those beautiful thighs.
22 months agomaximaxi
Chun-Li again? So this means a few more years before Elena and Laura...
12 months agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
Her thighs just get more and more massive as the years go on.
12 months agoIvanStrife123IvanStrife123
AladdinA (2 months ago) #19671302Hope they dont screw it up this time..... Ibuke and Mika were two disappointments....

I agree with you that Mika is disappointment, and standard version of Ibuki is not that much better, because something in her face troubles me, but masked version of Ibuki is nice ;)
12 months agoAladdinAAladdinA
Hope they dont screw it up this time..... Ibuke and Mika were two disappointments....

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